Mother accuses staff member of handling 3-year-old roughly at Hospital for Special Care day care in New Britain

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NEW BRITAIN -- State officials are investigating allegation of abuse at a day care center which is part of the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain.

The Office of Early Childhood said Monday they were investigating allegations of teacher-on-child abuse at the Hospital for Special Care Early Learning Center in New Britain. A mother reported her three-year-old was handled roughly by one of the staff members.

They first received a complaint on Wednesday July 12 and subsequently began looking into the case.

The mother, who did not want to be identified, said her son came home with bruises on his arm about two weeks ago.

"He said she grabbed him by his wrist, and she squeezed very hard, and she shook, really hard and she caused him pain," the mother said. "He cried and that she said she didn't care."

The mother said she immediately took her son to the doctor, called DCF, The Office of Early Childhood, and went to the Early Learning Center.

"I filed a complaint, I confronted the teacher," she said. "She also denied it."

The mother said while at the center she was asked to see surveillance footage but was denied because the head of security ws not there.

She said her son has been attending the center since he was six months old. He transitioned into preschool in the fall when he turned three, and got a new teacher. That's when the mother said she noticed his behavior change.

"When I go in the morning, my son hides behind my leg," she said. "He was saying he had a headache and he had a tummy ache and he didn't feel good, and he didn't want to go. There were days where he would cry."

She said her son's father picked him up from school today and her son was in the care of the same teacher.

"She hurt my child and I want justice for my child and every one in that classroom," she said.

This mother said she realized she wasn't alone in her frustration with this teacher after speaking to other mothers who bring their children to this daycare center.

"My daughter was having issues going to the potty where she was potty trained at home and then when she was with this teacher she was having accidents all day long," the other mother said. "Then one particular teacher at the end of the day was able to get her to go just fine."

This mother said she doesn't just have problems with the specific teacher. She claims she has approached Hospital For Special Care staff several times for other issues she's faced involving her two children at the center.

"Their center is open because parents like me we're paying thousands of dollars," she said. "My concerns were never taken seriously."

FOX61 reached out to the Early Learning Center and is waiting to hear back.