Anti-violence vigil held in response to the recent shootings in Hartford

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HARTFORD – Police were investigating a homicide on Sumner Street shortly after 1 p.m. after a man was shot and killed.

Part of the street was closed off for several hours. The man has been identified as Jordan Williams, 28, of Bloomfield. Police say the shooting took place in a car that was in a parking lot behind building 75.

It happened not far from the Hartford Insurance Company and police say the motive of the shooting was over drugs.

“Based on video that was seen already, we believe that the suspect and the victim were known to each other and this was not a random act,” said Lt. Brian Foley of the Hartford Police Department.

Foley said it has been awhile since there has been a homicide like this in the area but a resident said the violence needs to stop especially because children are outside during the day.

“It’s a shame because so many kids are out here and out in broad daylight and to see these things happening, I’ve never seen these things in my life before,” said Lonsdale Davis of Hartford.

Around 6:30 p.m., Reverend Henry Brown held a vigil on Ashley Street where the two people were hit by a stolen car last Tuesday. Police said they are still looking for the six teens that were seen running from the crash.

Shavoka Ceasar was one of the two people hit by the car. He said he remembers it like it was yesterday. Ceasar considers himself lucky to walk away with just minor injuries while the woman who was also hit had lost her leg.

“I just hope that they catch the individuals that did it so the lady and I can get some justice,” said Ceasar.

“We’re tired of this killing, right? But then today, what happened? The unthinkable happened. A 28-year-old man lost his life today!” said Reverend Henry Brown.

The reverend spread messages of hope and reminded the community of why people need to step up in order to see change.
Members “Mothers United Against Violence (MUAV) were also there along with a state representative.

It was not the first time for the reverend to take his message to the streets and he said he will not stop until he sees improvement.