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Firms fighting Nathan Carman’s boat insurance claim

HARTFORD  — Two firms are trying to avoid reimbursing a Connecticut native for the loss of his boat after it sank with his mother on board under suspicious circumstances.

The Hartford Courant reports  that the National Liability & Fire Insurance Co. and the Boat Owners Association of the United States are seeking a judge’s ruling as they refuse to pay the $85,000 insurance policy on Nathan Carman‘s boat.

The boat sunk off Massachusetts after departing from Rhode Island last September. Carman’s mother, Linda Carman, is presumed dead.

The companies suggest in court filings that Carman’s potential “criminal wrongdoing” could bar his claim.

Carman’s family has filed a suit in New Hampshire accusing him of killing his mother and his grandfather years earlier in order to collect a more than $7 million inheritance. Carman, who lives in Vermont, has denied any involvement.