No decision on sign ban for businesses owners in Newington

NEWINGTON —  No decision was made Wednesday night regarding a controversial proposal to ban signs outside of businesses in Newington.

People gathered to talked about the issue and where Newington’s  chamber of commerce wrote a letter against the measure saying it would hurt local businesses.

One Berlin turnpike business owner said the town abolishing signs gave a perception of not being business friendly but said he’s now optimistic the flexibility of the town will make a difference

The town decided to delete the sign regulations currently in place and start from scratch. They put forth a proposed zoning amendment, that they say addresses needs of business community but still keeps “brand” of Newington.

“Town Planning, Zoning held a public hearing tonight on the proposed temporary sign regulations. The Chamber and other business people and residents had the opportunity to speak. I did ask for a couple of changes to the proposed regulations which they said they will consider. There was no vote on the proposed regulations this evening as they will consider the changes and will vote on this at their next meeting,” said Gail Whitney, head of Newington’s Chamber of Commerce.

The town said it’s now working on an improved zoning agreement that would allow signs with a permit.