40 days into the fiscal year and still no state budget agreement

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HARTFORD —  Thursday marked the 40th day into the new fiscal year and Connecticut still hasn’t come into an agreement on a budget.

Today, House and Senate leaders from both sides of the aisle met behind closed doors to discuss the state’s financial situation. Without going into specifics, Leaders said they made some progress agreeing on several items.

Republican Minority Leader in the Connecticut House of Representatives Themis Klarides, said “I think we all are as frustrated as everybody else in the state is. This is not the place we want to be and we have very different ideas of a vision for the state of Connecticut, but we wouldn’t all be in the room if we didn’t want to try and find some consensus to more forward.”

Democratic House Majority Leader Matt Ritter, said “no one wants to run the state by executive order, I think we all agree on that and we want to do our best to solve that problem.”

House Democrats said they will revise a budget plan they released at the end of June in order to be ready for another meeting with republicans on several items.