Concern for public school students grows, as state budget stall continues

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MERIDEN -- As kids all across the state gear up for the new school year, the Department of Education is holding its annual back-to-school meeting today in Meriden, but without a state budget there is concern as classes are set to begin.

Education Commissioner Dianna Wentzell is expected to give the annual address at Maloney High School at 9 a.m.

Following the address, members of the What Will Our Children Lose Coalition will come together as a "show of concern" as the school year gets ready to start without a state budget that supports public education.

Educators, superintendents, students, parents and other people from the community are expected to attend to discuss the uncertainty moving forward in this current situation.

The conversation is expected to be very candid as communities talk about what is needed by legislators and Governor Malloy and what students in public schools will lose if they do not act now by passing a state budget.

Teacher cuts and program cuts are among those topics expected to be discussed.