Glastonbury police search for those responsible for abandoning two dogs at the park

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GLASTONBURY – Police are looking for the person or people responsible who abandoned two German Shepherds at the Riverfront Dog Park Sunday night and Monday morning.

They said it is likely both cases may be related somehow.

“Just the proximity to when they were found. They’re both German Shepherds and we’ve gotten some tips we’re tracking down now,” said Sgt. Corey Davis of Glastonbury Police Department.

It was Sunday night when someone called police and said there was a German Shepherd abandoned at the dog park on Welles Street. Then, on Monday morning is when another person called and said they saw a second German Shepherd also abandoned at the same location.

Police said they have never seen two dogs abandoned at once.

“We have seen some abandoned animals in the past. It’s usually people who don’t want them. It’s definitely not the proper way to get rid of an animal you no longer want,” added Sgt. Corey Davis.

The two German Shepherds are now in the hands of animal control and an investigation has begun to find out who could have done this.

Sgt. Corey Davis said too many  times, people do not give up their pets the proper way. He is advising owners to contact their local animal control if they need to give them up so this way, their pets can be adopted by someone else or be put through a rescue shelter.

Dogs that are left at random locations can come with serious risks.

“The animal could run out of food if you didn’t leave food for them. They could succumb to wildlife that’s there,” added Sgt. Corey Davis.

Luckily, police said they have gotten a lot of information through Facebook and they urged people to continue to leave tips on social media.

Police said if they catch the person or people responsible, they will be charged with animal cruelty.

If you think you have any information that can help them, you are urged to immediately reach out to police.

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