Fresh, fast and fun: Have a brand-new ‘Mystic Boat Adventure’ on the Connecticut coast

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MYSTIC - It's fresh, fast and fun!  "We’re brand new this year," says Rob Roche, owner of Mystic Boat Adventures.

"We only opened up the second week of June."  The business invites folks to tour the Connecticut coast aboard a solid, foam-filled pontoon that they can drive themselves.  "It’s called a Craig Cat. They’re catamarans," explains Roche, who leads three hour tours.

Every tour begins with a lesson.  Participants learn how to operate the small, user-friendly boat.  Push a lever to control speed.  Operate a stick for steering.  Once the boats leave the dock, participants focus on getting a feel for their ride in a quiet spot on the water.  "This one area here is where we bring the people out," says Roche, during a tour.  "They have the chance to practice steering, do turns, try quick doughnuts before we head to the bridge."

Did he say doughnuts??  Yup!  The boats are agile and can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour.

Then the sightseeing begins.  Participants check out the historic and scenic Mystic River Bascule Bridge. They even get a chance to see it go up and down.  Next, approach Mystic Seaport to view history from a new perspective.  Folks can see the Charles W. Morgan and a visiting Viking ship replica called the Draken.

Visitors can head into wilder waters for the grand finale: an up-close look at Latimer Reef Lighthouse located in a special spot.  "Over here is New York, over here is Connecticut," explains Roche of the area where three states meet.  "If you look behind us you see the tip of Watch Hill, Rhode Island."

So, go slow or take off!  This boat adventure is a great way to savor the last days of summer.  "I can’t tell who’s got the bigger smile, the parents or the kids," says Roche.  "From 8 to 80, they all come back with a smile on their face.

Drivers must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver's license.  Passengers must be age 8 and up.  Kids are required to wear life vests.

A 3 hour tour with Mystic Boat Adventures costs $135 per person.  Click here for more information.