Mom and her 2 kids found after being lost in Naugatuck State Forest overnight

OXFORD –State Police said a missing mother and her children have been found Wednesday morning after spending the night in the forest during a storm.

Police said they made their way out of the forest and are now safe at home, after flagging down a passerby. State troopers and EMS are checking on them.

Police, fire officials and K9s were searching for them in the Naugatuck State Forest overnight after the woman’s husband reported they had gone for a walk with their dog in the forest yesterday evening and never returned.

They were able to walk out of the forest once daylight returned after hunkering down during stormy weather, and flagged down a passerby at around 7 a.m..

“They have minor cuts and abrasions you would expect if you were wandering around in the dark during that storm,” said a State Police Sergeant Tate Begley. “Sticks, brush, prickers… you know, when you’re pushing your way through the forest in the dark, you’re going to have minor injuries.”

Begley said she could hear search parties nearby as they were closing in on her location.