Cape Cod beachgoers nervous after shark sightings, but experts say attacks are rare

Credit: Eric Quinn/Fox25

BOSTON, Mass. — Beachgoers on Cape Cod are on edge after two recent shark sightings, both within just one week. But scientists say it’s all part of an ecosystem that humans must accept.

Last Wednesday, off Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, a white shark bit into a paddleboard, while a man was standing on it. He was thrown into the water but was not hurt.

Two days earlier, a shark attacked a seal at Nauset Beach in Orleans, just feet from terrified swimmers and surfers who saw a pool of blood and scrambled to shore.

Shark experts say shark attacks on humans are extremely rare, but people should be vigilant when in the water.

According to scientists, sharks have likely been drawn in larger numbers to the Northeast by a growing seal population.