Groton school district urging parents to pressure lawmakers to pass state budget

GROTON -- School district administrators in Groton are urging parents to speak out and contact lawmakers at the state capitol to increase pressure to pass a budget soon.

The issue brought to the forefront of parent's minds recently after the district sent out a notice informing parents and guardians that the district could face a state aid cut of $17.5 million.

"We thought it was important that the community understand that this is a problem that could be a catastrophe for us," said Dr. Michael Graner, Superintendent of Groton Public Schools. "The subject line was a call to action. We need a call to action. We need to get our legislative leaders together to put a budget together."

Connecticut has been operating under an executive order since July 1st when the legislature failed to pass a budget. The issue affects school districts across the state. 85 will have state aid funding completely slashed and 54 will experience significantly less funding.

House Democrats have planned a potential budget vote for September 14th.