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Boy’s “Make America Great Again” hat stolen at Soouthington Apple Harvest Festival

SOUTHINGTON - A boy is asking for the public’s help after his hat was stolen at the Apple Harvest Festival Friday night. He thinks it was the message on his hat the thieves did not like.

His hat said “Make America Great Again.”

“I definitely got a lot of dirty looks,” said Billy Perry, 14, of Southington.

It was around 7:30 p.m. when Perry was at the festival with seven of his friends. Next thing he knew, he said someone stole his hat from behind.

“I want to say I was surprised something like that would happen to a freshman but I can’t really say I’m so surprised because it’s something that happens a lot all over the country,” said Perry.

Minutes later, he confronted the group of older teens who denied taking it and the interaction was captured on a cell phone.

“They said somebody who said they were with me had it but I doubt that happened,” said Perry.

Perry was also called a racist by one of the teens, something that not only angered him but his father.

“He’s just proud to be an American. He’s proud of the President, he’s been following the President since he announced he was running for office,” said William Perry, Billy’s father.

While the hat can be bought again, William said he hopes the teens can a learn a lesson of respect.

“He’s a big Donald Trump fan,” said William.