Breast cancer fundraiser in Hamden takes to the pool

HAMDEN -- Different swim teams around Connecticut participated in a Lap-A-Thon Sunday to raise money for breast cancer research.

The money raised at the Beckerman Athletic Center in Hamden went to the Lion Heart Foundation which is a nonprofit that raises funds for breast cancer research through the Yale Cancer Center. Swimmers pledged to swim for thirty minutes and sponsors supported them either by pledging a donation per lap, or a through a lump sum.

"Boys and girls get it. They understand that this disease is complicated and the biggest killer and disease of women​," said Kathleen Van Rijn, founder of Lion Heart.

The event is part of a two-week long Southern Connecticut Conference where 31 teams of boys and girls ages 7 to 18 swam to raise money for breast cancer research. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to towards breast cancer research through Lion Heart. They said they have raised about $120,000 and their goal is to get to $150,000 by the end of the  year.