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Faith brings officer to assist Hartford places of worship

HARTFORD -- Sunday marks the one week since the Texas church shooting.

In Hartford places of worship are trying to stay safe utilizing a faith-based officer at the police department. Officer Johnathon Rowe is the faith based community service officer with the Hartford Police Department. He oversees the safety of more than 200 churches in Hartford as well as the other places of worship in the city like temples and mosques.

On Sunday morning, Officer Rowe visited two Hartford churches, Citadel of Love and Mount Olive Church. He stands in the back of the sanctuary making sure everyone is safe. He said  he's trying to beef up safety given what happened in Texas.

"It puts things into perspective to make sure that we keep evolving we keep training we keep communicating," Officer Rowe said. "We're trying to set up a presentation. A thread assessment maybe an active shooter thing to get a lot of the churches a lot of the faith community."

Officer Rowe said if you see anything suspicious at your place of worship to call Hartford Police.