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Mostly sunny, temps in 40’s Wednesday; showers for Thursday

It's a bright and beautiful-looking day, but temperatures are a bit below average for this time of year. The average high temperature for November 15th is 52 degrees, and we'll be staying in the mid 40s this afternoon.

Thursday we'll have more cloud cover with temperatures in the 40s to near 50 degrees. We're also expecting rainfall, as showers riding along a front may blossom into a few downpours for our area during the day Thursday.

We're back to the sunshine on Friday, as we continue our flip-flopping pattern. Sunshine to rain and back to sunshine!

November rain is back in the forecast on Saturday with steady widespread rain into the evening. A few lingering showers are possible into Sunday morning. Depending on the timing of the front, a few lingering rain/snow showers are possible heading into early Sunday. It's worth watching but right now it doesn't look like a big deal. It will turn blustery behind the front Sunday but temperatures will approach 50 degrees by afternoon.

Forecast Details:

Today: Mostly sunny with a few passing clouds. High: mid-upper 40s.

Tonight: Increasing clouds. Lows: 33-40.

Thursday: Showers, a bit breezy, mostly cloudy skies.  Highs around 50.

Friday:  Mostly sunny, breezy.   High: low 40s.

Saturday: Rain and wind, especially later in the day.  High: mid 40s - near 50 degrees.

Sunday: Chance for a lingering shower or flurries early. Partly/mostly cloudy, windy. High: Mid-upper 40s.

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