Two juveniles arrested in Wethersfield after string of car break-ins

WETHERSFIELD — Wethersfield Police say they’ve arrested two juveniles following a rash of car break-ins.

Police say around 4 a.m. Friday on Coppermill Road, a resident noticed two cars traveling slowly down the road.

Two people could be seen exiting the cars and heading for the parked cars along the street. The witness suspected the people were breaking into cars and immediately notified police.

The resident provided a description of one of the cars and its direction of travel.

Officers quickly responded to the area and eventually found the car in the area of Maple Street and Middletown avenue.

Police conducted a motor vehicle traffic stop and investigated.

Police ran the plates on the car and found the te car had been stolen from Guilford about three weeks earlier.

The two juveniles in he car were arrested.

Wethersfield Police remind residents to remember to lock their car at ALl times and report any suspicious activity like this resident did to 911 immediately.