New London woman receives serious bite trying to protect her dog


Paul T. Morneau, the owner of the dog involved, was issued with an infraction  for roaming dog, 22-364(a), $92  and nuisance dog, 22-363, $75

NEW LONDON — Police said a woman who was trying to protect her own dog received a serious bite to her hand from another canine Sunday.

Police said shortly before 7 a.m. they were called to Hillside Rd.  for the report of a resident bitten by a dog while attempting to protect her dog from an attack by another dog.

Emergency crews found a woman with a serious dog bite to her hand that she got from a neighborhood dog that ran onto her property. She was taken to L+M Hospital for medical care. Her dog was also injured and required immediate emergency care according to police.

Officials said the dog that attacked was an 8-year-old male. The dog escaped from its owner while on leash during a walk.

The  dog was impounded by the New London Animal Control Officer and remains in quarantine with charges pending.