Bristol boy, who community rallied around, loses fight with cancer

Conner Albert

BRISTOL —  A Bristol fifth grader who the community rallied around, passed away Monday.

In a Facebook post, Connor’s parents Kelly and Wayne Albert announced his passing.

“This morning at 6:17am our Superhero left this Earth and is now an angel in Heaven. Connor came into this world and has taught us more about life, happiness, friendship , love, strength and bravery than anyone we’ve ever known. We reminded him daily that he was our hero.”

Connor Albert began 5th grade in September after taking more than a year off for cancer treatment.

Watch the video here.  

Connor got a police escort and a rode to school with the mayor, two cruisers and two motorcycles.

A message of hope was placed on the fence at the school, welcoming him back.

“I’m so excited. It’s been so long since I’ve been in a classroom,” said Connor. “It just makes me so happy to see that people are cheering me on.”

“Sometimes it’s a little hard to come up with a new slogan. Sometimes I pick really long ones and that’s really daunting,” said Pat Zadrozny, a Librarian and Media Assistant at Southside. “I get such pleasure out of doing it and I know the people do so that’s why I do it.”

Pat said she’s excited to begin the new school year, and hopes Connor will enjoy it too. Southside Elementary School is located along Wolcott Street in Bristol. A fence separates the school fields from the street and locals have become accustomed to seeing messages of kindness and support pop up every few weeks.