Check on school delays and closings across the state

Flood Watch across state tomorrow through Saturday afternoon

A Flood Watch is in effect for  Connecticut Friday into Saturday afternoon for the potential for poor drainage flooding, urban flooding and possibly river flooding too. This will be caused by a combination of 2"-3" of rain plus snow melting (all that water has to go somewhere).

With ice on the rivers, ice jams might be an issue. As ice breaks apart, sometimes it can collect and block the flow of water, causing rivers to rise upstream. This is more likely to be an issue for smaller rivers and streams. But whether or not this will happen in Connecticut is a wildcard.

Areas of dense fog will develop Thursday night with drizzle developing. Temperatures will remain in the 40s overnight and will rise close to 50 by daybreak on Friday.

Rain Friday morning will start off fairly light with dense fog. Rain will become steadier in the afternoon and heaviest by Friday night with big puddles and torrential downpours for the evening commute. Temperatures will rise into the 50s to near 60 degrees which is wild after our recent cold snap.

There might be a break in the action for a little while around midnight Saturday. Then a second disturbance will trigger another round of rain early Saturday morning. By 9-10 am the rain will be over. There's a chance for a lingering raindrop or sleet pellet. But a bigger concern Saturday afternoon and evening will be rapidly falling temperatures. This could cause what's known as a "flash freeze." With temperatures dropping from the 50s early in the morning into the 20s and 30s by afternoon and evening, wet roads could turn icy. So please keep an eye on the forecast if you have travel plans Saturday.

By Sunday and Monday we're back to cold sunshine with highs in the 20s and 30s.

Then we go from rain back to SNOW late Tuesday into early Wednesday. While this doesn't look like a major storm, accumulation is likely and could cause issues.

From a blizzard to a rain to snow...welcome to winter in New England!!

TONIGHT : Cloudy with areas of fog and drizzle. Low: 40s. Near 50 by sunrise.

FRIDAY: Rain, heavy at times. Heaviest at night. Warm with areas of dense fog. Highs: Mid 50s - near 60.

SATURDAY: Rain ends in the morning. Rapidly falling temperatures could lead to icy spots on the roads. 50s before sunrise, 20s and 30s by afternoon and evening.

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny, cold. High: Mid-upper 20s.

MONDAY: Sunny start then increasing clouds. High: Mid 20s.

TUESDAY: Cloudy with snow developing (more likely late and at night). High: Low 30s.

WEDNESDAY: Snow ends early. High: Near 30.

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