Check on school delays and closings across the state

Flood Watch: Heavy rain to settle over state Friday into Saturday

A Flood Warning has been issued for Hartford County until 7:30 p.m., and a Flood Watch is in effect for the rest of Connecticut Friday into Saturday afternoon for the potential for poor drainage flooding, urban flooding and possibly river flooding too. This will be caused by a combination of 2"-3" of rain plus snow melting (all that water has to go somewhere).

A lot of weather issues in just the next 24 hours. We start this morning with a lack of visibility, reducing vis to ¼ mile or less across much of the state. A DENSE FOG ADVISORY is in effect for the state.

Then, problem 2, a lot of rain arrives this afternoon, with heavy rain overnight and into Saturday morning. Temps are mild, but a lot of rain coupled with snowmelt from those mild temps, will likely result in some flooding. A FLOOD WATCH is in effect through Saturday morning for the state.

Once the rain leaves, cold air rushes in, and with temps plunging Saturday, a flash freeze is possible, so be careful on the roads. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for the inland counties Saturday. Temps stay frigid for the next few days, so watch out for black ice potential!

All that, just in the next 48 hours. Hang in there!


TODAY: Scattered showers, more in afternoon. Highs : Mid 50s

TONIGHT: Rain, heavy at times. Flooding potential. Lows: 40s.

SATURDAY: Rain ends by midday, some wintry mix NW. Crashing temps through 40s/30s/20s by evening.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Icy conditions. Lows : Teens

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny and cold. Highs : Upper 20s

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