Mild weather with scattered showers, even warmer temps tomorrow

An impressive warming trend is on the way with a spring-like feel the next few days.

Clouds will increase tonight as milder air starts to move in. Low temps will be in the 20s.

Morning clouds will break for sun on Valentine’s Day but you won’t need to dress in layers of pink and red with highs in the mid-40s to near 50 degrees. Sounds mild, right? But wait…we’re just getting started.

A round of showers will move in overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning (the leading edge of even WARMER air).

Thursday will be mostly cloudy and warm with the chance for a few scattered showers.  Temperatures will climb into the mid 50s easily. AND if we see any little bit of sunshine, we could soar into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees!

Since it’s FEBRUARY, temperatures like that don’t stick around for too long. A cold front on Friday will make sure of that, bringing us a few showers during the day (mainly during the morning) then causing temps to drop back closer to average by this weekend (30s to near 40).

Saturday will be sunny and cooler with highs back in the 30s.

We’re on the WEATHER WATCH for Sunday. A storm with lots of moisture will slide southeast of New England. Will it get close enough to bring a quick punch of snow? Odds of some snow are increasing but it’s a close call.

If we get snow it will melt FAST next week as temperatures look to get even warmer!! 50s and even 60s are possible with milder weather pattern settling in.

Forecast Details:

TODAY: Clouds break for some sun. Milder!  High: mid 40s – near 50 degrees. Chance of showers overnight tonight.

THURSDAY: Chance early shower, mostly cloudy, mild. High: mid/upper 50s. Near 60 if we get a bit of sun.

FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy, scattered showers (mainly in the morning – midday) then mostly cloudy.  High: 40s-near 50.

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and cool.  High: 30s to around 40 degrees.

SUNDAY: Chance snow? Storm lurking nearby. High: Near 40.

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