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Al Terzi has one of the most recognizable faces in Connecticut, having spent more than four decades (since 1968) anchoring and reporting the news here.

Al is a native of upstate New York, where he started his broadcasting career as a radio DJ.

A highly-respected journalist, he is a two-time Emmy Award winner, who, in addition to anchoring major daily newscasts , has considerable experience hosting political interview programs.

Among his many other honors over the years is a Lifetime Achievement Award from the New England Associated Press/RTNDA chapter in Boston, and a Silver Circle Award for 25+ years of television service, from the regional chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Al’s education includes undergraduate studies at both Yale University and Central Connecticut State University, and he holds a law degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

A military veteran, Al was trained as a linguist in Chinese and Korean, and spent more than seven years with Air Force Intelligence Operations in the Far East, during the Vietnam-era.

Al and his wife, Carolyn, currently reside in Middletown.

Recent Articles
  • The Real Story — Guy Smith

    Democratic candidate for governor, Guy Smith, pushes back against Balletto’s comments, citing his fundraising success, as well as laying out specific ways in which he and candidates like him, who are not favored by party leaders, are disadvantaged by the “system”.  Smith, a  former executive with the disaster relief organization, Americares, has never run for public office.

  • The Real Story – Elizabeth Esty speaks out

    U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty talked to Jenn Bernstein this week after she announced her decision to leave Congress after this term. Esty has been mired on controversy in the past few weeks after her actions following threats made by her former chief of staff to his former girlfriend, also a staffer, became public. Esty didn’t act on the information for three months, and provided a letter of reference and a severance package to the chief of staff. Guest: U.S. Rep. […]

  • The Real Story — Filling Esty’s seat

    Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto discusses the Esty “problem” and the governor’s race, including claims by candidate Guy Smith that the party’s convention system is unfairly biased in favor of those whom Smith refers to as “career politicians”. Balletto claims Smith is not a “credible” candidate.  

  • The Real Story – State Senator Eric Berthel

    State Senator Eric Berthel (R) Watertown says he is considering running for Esty’s seat.  He talks about qualifications to run, and his priorities, should he win in November

  • The Real Story – State GOP Chairman J. R. Romano

    State GOP Chairman J. R. Romano talks about his party’s chances in the Connecticut governor’s race, and also, in the 5th Congressional District.  Observers say the Esty scandal has given that race national attention.  The state’s congressional delegation has been all-democrats for more than a decade.

  • The Real Story – State Sen. Mae Flexer

    Sen. Mae Flexer (D) Killingly – She was the first Democratic office holder to call for the resignation of U.S. Rep Elizabeth Esty (D) District 5, following the revelation that Esty badly mishandled allegations of threats and physical assault against an aide, by her former Chief of Staff, Tony Baker.  She kept Baker on the job for three months after learning of the allegations, then gave him a $5,000 severance payment, and a recommendation letter for a new job out […]

  • The Real Story – Tyler Flanigan

    A 19-year-old UConn student is looking to take a seat in the state senate. Young Republican Tyler Flanigan has lots more campaign experience than you might expect, helping other  candidates,  but now he’s the one who’s running.  

  • The Real Story – Luke Bronin

    Hartford mayor Luke Bronin, celebrating two pieces of good news on the financial front. The state has officially agreed to take over making the city’s debt payments, and a major tech company is coming to Hartford, promising a thousand jobs in four years. How did that come about?

  • The Real Story – Prasad Srinivasan

    State representative Prasad Srinivasan was one of three doctors who responded when Danbury mayor Mark Boughton collapsed at a GOP candidate event. Representative Srinivasan talks about the experience and he clarifies his position on the gun bill, passed after Sandy Hook.

  • The Real Story: Fixing CT’s finances

    HARTFORD — More reaction to the recent recommendations by a special commission, for straightening out Connecticut’s finances, to foster economic growth. While the plan has been panned by some lawmakers, and by the state employee unions, the lobbying group for cities and towns has come out in favor of it, and we find out why. Guest: Mike Freda, First Selectman of North Haven, and Vice-President of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM)