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Ben Goldman reports during the week and anchors the FOX61 Weekend Morning News.

Ben is a hometown guy having grown up in Wethersfield.

He got his start at the ripe age of 16 years old when he got hired to be a freelance reporter at FOX61 reporting on Connecticut Charities twice each week as the host of Ben Goldman’s Charity Corner.

As a stage 3 brain cancer survivor, Ben has strong ties to non-profits all throughout the state and told their stories from 2012 to 2014.

In college, Ben was the head anchor for UCONN’s UCTV-Channel 14 newscast since he started there. He and the team won Best College Newscast in the country in the 2016 College Media Awards.

After his time at FOX61, Ben reported on weekends in Springfield, Mass. for Western Mass News.

Ben has also interned for various stations like PIX11 in New York City and also for NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Outside of work, Ben is an avid golfer, and does his best to play three or four times each week. He was also the Co-Chairman of the 2015 Travelers Championship.

When he’s not golfing you will surely see him around Connecticut trying new restaurants (he’s a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’). As a local to the area, he’s often with his family and friends that he’s grown up with, enjoying the place the he calls home and telling the stories of people right here in it.

Recent Articles
  • Connecticut’s Civil Air Patrol acts as eyes in the sky

    HARTFORD  – The Civil Air Patrol acts as a volunteer branch of the US Air Force monitoring emergency situations from the sky. Here in Connecticut, the patrol keeps an eye on the Long Island Sound for rescue missions, but this winter they’ve been especially busy monitoring ice jams along the Connecticut and Housatonic Rivers. The Coast Guard cutters which cut through the ice, utilize the aerial views provided by the Civil Air Patrol to plan their courses up the river.  […]

  • Tolland first responders are Proud to Serve

    TOLLAND —  On FOX61, viewers watch the show, “911,” which takes place in an emergency call center. We wanted to get a look inside of an actual emergency call center. The members of Tolland County 911 work hard to stay one step ahead of first responders out in the field. Many of the staff members are current or former first responders themselves and they know the most crucial parts of responding to an emergency. They use that knowledge to give […]

  • Inmate who spent 10 days free after escape held on $500,000 bail

    SOMERS — Jerry Mercado was ordered held on $500,000 bond by a Connecticut judge Monday. Mercado was believed to have escaped by clinging to the undercarriage of a vehicle as it left prison grounds in Enfield. State prisons officials said the 25-year-old man was returned to Connecticut Friday night from Georgia, where he’d been held since being apprehended January 17. Officials said he initially fought extradition, but later waived that right. Mercado escaped from the Carl Robinson Correctional Facility in […]

  • Coast Guard members proud to serve

    NEW LONDON – Members of the US Coast Guard aboard the cutter Albacore travel around New England on search and rescue missions no matter what the temperature might be. Members like Hunter Sprock, as young as 20-years-old, credit the US Coast Guard for growing them as service members and individuals in general. The Coast Guard instills values like responsibility and courage in these young men. Members on board shared their back stories, many of them coming from families with history […]

  • Crews battle house fire in Middlefield

    MIDDLEFIELD — Crews battled a fire overnight on Kickapoo Road in Middlefield. The fire was still burning early Friday morning after starting Thursday night. The State Fire Marshal’s office was on scene, but crews were unable to enter the house due to the smoky conditions, and the interior had collapsed. The fire also proved difficult to fight because of the frigid conditions causing major icing up on the road. Kikapoo Road is on a steep hill,  which caused major problems […]

  • Ellington students learning EMT skills

    ELLINGTON — The Ellington Volunteer EMS Corps are always first on the scene, responding to the people in their town. And thanks to their close proximity to Ellington High School, there’s a program where they partner with students at the school to train them to become first responders. There are veteran members, who have been serving for decades, teaching these high school students the ropes. The program is preparing the students to become full-time staff one day. The partnership with Ellington […]

  • Hartford cops crackdown on ‘package pirates’

    HARTFORD – The Hartford Police Department has designated a special detail to monitor packages being delivered to homeowners after a rise in package thefts in the city. FOX61 rode along with detectives Wednesday morning  in an area of Hartford that most popular to thieves targeting doorsteps – the West End. Detectives have said that many of the people they have caught stealing packages have a history with drug use and are stealing other people’s packages in order to support that habit. […]

  • Proud to Serve: A look at a LIFESTAR first responder

    HARTFORD — Each day the LIFESTAR Medical Team responds to the most serious accidents throughout the state. The fly in to rescue and try to save victims via helicopter in the shortest time possible. On that team, one of the longest serving members in LIFESTAR history, Jeff Heath. Jeff has been in this field for 37 years now and has seen some of the most devastating cases in the state. His job, being a first responder, is taxing physically, mentally and […]

  • Suffield mother raising awareness of military suicides

    HARTFORD — Every day, 22 veterans commit suicide — a statistic Donna Chapman became painfully aware of when her son William killed himself in January 2017 after serving six years in the military. Donna is raising awareness of this staggering issue by founding a non-profit organization called Will Power. On this Veterans Day, FOX61’s Ben Goldman sat down with this Connecticut mother to learn how she’s trying to help military families and raise funds to build a retreat center to […]

  • Police: Innocent driver dead following police chase in West Haven

    WEST HAVEN — Police said an innocent driver is dead after a man being chased by police crashed into him. Meloy Road is back open, after West Haven police confirmed a fatal crash happened there resulting from a police chase involving police  from the neighboring town of Orange. Meloy Road was closed between Ridge and Eileen roads, according to police. Police said the accident happened at 10:30 p.m. Thursday night. Police said a Toyota was being chased after a traffic stop […]