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Lorenzo Hall is an award-winning journalist who anchors FOX61 News at 4 p.m. and 10 p.m.

He also produces special reports for all FOX61 News platforms.
Lorenzo has been recognized for his reporting and writing with a regional Edward R. Murrow award and six Emmy awards.

Prior to joining Connecticut’s most honored news team, Lorenzo served as 5 p.m. anchor and investigative reporter for WTVR-TV, the CBS affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. Lorenzo covered a variety of stories while in Richmond, from consistently uncovering wrongdoing by local leaders to flying through a hurricane multiple times aboard a P-3 hurricane hunter aircraft.

Before Richmond, Lorenzo spent several years in the Midwest for school and work. He studied journalism at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri. At “Mizzou,” Lorenzo had the opportunity to spend a portion of his last semester touring Europe to study journalism practices in Belgium, France, Italy and Germany.

While in Columbia, Lorenzo also served as general assignment reporter at KOMU-TV, the NBC affiliate and covered politics for NPR affiliates, KBIA-FM.

A Washington, D.C. native, Lorenzo gained experience through work and internships at WRC-TV, the NBC owned and operated station in Washington and WUSA-TV, the CBS affiliate.

However, his career began in high school as a correspondent for, “Teen Summit,” BET’s former talk show for teens.

Outside of TV land, Lorenzo enjoys being a newlywed, puppy dad, traveling, all (almost all) outdoor activities, a good book, politics, amazing food, great conversation, making new friends and the list goes on…

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  • Stopping lucrative child sex trade in Connecticut

    HARTFORD —  According to Tammy Sneed, Director of the DCF Anti-trafficking Response Team, more than half of new cases involve children from households with two parents and those parents were unaware of their child’s actions. “They may be out on weekends, out in the evenings. We had one kid picked up after school every day and victimized,” said Sneed. Most are starting out as online relationships with predators who cast a wide net, talking to dozens of children at once […]

  • Hartford dad sells his truck to rescue sons in Puerto Rico

    HARTFORD — The Class family is in need of a bigger kitchen table now that this Hartford father finally rescued his two sons from Puerto Rico. The moment had been weeks in the making. Guillermo Class initially took to social media, pleading for helping in finding his two sons. After Hurricane Maria made landfall in late September, weeks went by without any word from them. They lived on the island with their mother. “I called everybody.” Class says when he […]

  • Hartford youth football equipment damaged in arson

    HARTFORD — During Friday night’s practice for the Hartford Hurricanes Youth Football and Cheerleading program, the coaches were also focused on the storm brewing off the field. “It draws you back a bit. It’s hard to explain. It’s hard to understand. We haven’t even told the kids,” said the programs president, Phil Bryant. Nearly $20,000 worth of equipment is gone after it was set on fire Thursday. Bryant said the equipment was stored in a shed in Keney Park and […]

  • Irma weakens into a tropical depression

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — National Hurricane Center says Irma has weakened into a tropical depression. The storm, located about 5 miles (10 kilometers) west of Columbus, Georgia, is still bringing heavy rain to the U.S. Southeast on Monday night. Irma is expected to drop 2 to 5 inches of rain across South Carolina and northern portions of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Irma’s top sustained winds are 35 mph (55 kph), and it is moving northwest at 15 mph (24 kph). The […]

  • 5.6 million told to evacuate Florida due to Irma; FOX61’s Lorenzo Hall reports from Florida

    FLORIDA —  Florida has asked 5.6 million people to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma, or more than one quarter of the state’s population, according to state emergency officials. Andrew Sussman, the state’s hurricane program manager, said Friday the total includes people throughout the southern half of the state as well as those living in inland Florida in substandard housing who were also told leave due to the dangerous storm that will slam the state this weekend. Florida is the nation’s […]

  • Connecticut man teaches life lessons to kids one chess move at a time

    HARTFORD —  Every week at the Wilson-Gray YMCA in Hartford’s North End, there’s a group of people strategizing and thinking feverishly about their next move. At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary game of chess, but there’s a lot more at play. Earlier this year, Dan Pelletier moved part of his DIG Academy to the capital city. It’s a program focused on teaching chess and soccer. It began several years ago in Weston, with Pelletier charging for private […]

  • Immigrants face daunting challenges obtaining US citizenship

    HARTFORD — Immigration battles in Connecticut are making headlines across the country. “They’re terrified. There’s heightened anxiety,” said Immigration Lawyer, Erin O’Neil-Baker. O’Neil-Baker said, The Hartford Legal Group, has been overwhelmed with new and old cases in the last few months. “Immigration has let them stay here, let them work, raise their family, pay taxes, all of those things. Unfortunately, with the executive orders, there’s been a new policy. There’s been a change,” said O’Neil-Baker. That change, is new leadership […]

  • Exclusive: Sandy Hook mother says Jones interview on NBC only stirs up pain

    HARTFORD — Those who lost loved ones during the Sandy Hook School shooting said, finding closure is still tough because they’re constantly dealing with pain they never saw coming after that tragic day. Nicole Hockley’s six-year old son, Dylan was killed at Sandy Hook.  Hockley said, she’s constantly under attack from people making vicious claims about that day. “For people to say that I’m an actor. For people to say I never had a son or that my son is […]

  • Car break-ins becoming a growing issue across Connecticut

    AVON —  Once the sun sets, parking lots, with dozens of parked cars become a prime hunting ground for crooks. “All the thefts have happen at 2-3 o’clock in the morning,” said Avon resident Ray Rosario. Rosario lives in the Avon Mill Apartment Complex where earlier this year, thieves shattered his car windows overnight and even stole the tires and rims off his brand new car. “We feel helpless. You work hard for what you have. I mean, and to […]

  • Autistic New Fairfield teen, once mostly silent, now speaks of future

    NEW FAIRFIELD — These days, 14-year old, Christopher Norris has a lot to talk about, especially when it comes to his works of art. “I might be the greatest artist in the universe someday,” said Christopher. Every picture and every word is special, because at one time, he was never this expressive. “Where are his words? We couldn’t find those words,” said Christopher’s mom, Linda Norris. At age two, Christopher’s parents began to realize something wasn’t right. “Back then, people would […]