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Lorenzo Hall is an award-winning journalist who anchors FOX61 News at 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. He also produces special reports for all FOX61 News platforms on a range of topics, from the plight of Vietnam veterans in Connecticut to Hartford’s critical role in the booming gun industry.

Lorenzo has been recognized for his reporting and writing with a regional Edward R. Murrow award and five Emmy awards.

Prior to joining Connecticut’s most honored news team, Lorenzo served as 5 p.m. anchor and investigative reporter for WTVR-TV, the CBS affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. Lorenzo also covered a variety of stories while in Richmond, from consistently uncovering wrongdoing by local leaders to flying through a hurricane multiple times aboard a P-3 hurricane hunter aircraft.

Before Richmond, Lorenzo spent several years in the Midwest for school and work. He studied journalism at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri. At “Mizzou,” Lorenzo had the opportunity to spend a portion of his last semester touring Europe to study journalism practices in Belgium, France, Italy and Germany.

While in Columbia, Lorenzo also served as general assignment reporter at KOMU-TV, the NBC affiliate and covered politics for one of the nation’s top-rated NPR affiliates, KBIA-FM.

A Washington, D.C. native, Lorenzo gained experience through work and internships at WRC-TV, the NBC owned and operated station in Washington and WUSA-TV, the CBS affiliate.

However, his career began in high school as a correspondent for BET’s award-winning talk show, “Teen-Summit.”

Outside of TV land, Lorenzo enjoys being a newlywed, puppy dad, traveling, (almost) all outdoor activities, a good book, politics, amazing food, great conversation, making new friends and the list goes on… Say hey!

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  • Car break-ins becoming a growing issue across Connecticut

    AVON —  Once the sun sets, parking lots, with dozens of parked cars become a prime hunting ground for crooks. “All the thefts have happen at 2-3 o’clock in the morning,” said Avon resident Ray Rosario. Rosario lives in the Avon Mill Apartment Complex where earlier this year, thieves shattered his car windows overnight and even stole the tires and rims off his brand new car. “We feel helpless. You work hard for what you have. I mean, and to […]

  • Autistic New Fairfield teen, once mostly silent, now speaks of future

    NEW FAIRFIELD — These days, 14-year old, Christopher Norris has a lot to talk about, especially when it comes to his works of art. “I might be the greatest artist in the universe someday,” said Christopher. Every picture and every word is special, because at one time, he was never this expressive. “Where are his words? We couldn’t find those words,” said Christopher’s mom, Linda Norris. At age two, Christopher’s parents began to realize something wasn’t right. “Back then, people would […]

  • Hartford youth program helping to foster positive progress

    HARTFORD —  The recent murder of 15-year-old Keon Huff and other crimes involving teens and young adults, is putting the focus on efforts to help Hartford’s youth before it’s too late. After going in and out of jail for small crimes, Hartford resident, Rodney Carr, said he felt alone and thought his life was over with no way out. That was until he joined Hartford’s Youth Service Corps. “I didn’t want to be around people. I’m more social now. I’m […]

  • Community looking for solutions to violence that took a Hartford teen’s life

    HARTFORD — Candles still burn as a makeshift memorial along Garden Street continues to grow for 15-year old Keon Huff, Jr. Keon was shot and killed Friday night in the staircase of a north Hartford apartment building. Now, people living in that neighborhood are wondering what happens next.  “About a month ago, a young man got killed at the corner. You understand? He has a baby,” said north Hartford resident, Donna G. Donna said sadly, shootings are normal on her […]

  • No day off for Hartford’s youth, as they help to dig out the city

    HARTFORD — Students had the day off in Hartford, but, a group of teens and young adults were hard at work. The small group is part of Mayor Luke Bronin’s Youth Service Corps. For the last few months, more than 250 people, between the ages of 16 and 24 have been at work improving the city and their neighborhoods. “They feel like they’re accomplishing something by helping out and doing a good deed. Earning money doesn’t hurt as well,” said […]

  • Legislative hearing continues well in to evening on marijuana legalization in Connecticut

    HARTFORD — Opinions are mixed about whether Connecticut should legalize recreational use of marijuana by adults and advocates and foes alike were on hand well into Tuesday evening. Some state legislators on Tuesday touted the potential benefits of legalization, ranging from better control and regulation of a now-illegal industry to additional tax revenue for the state and communities. But other lawmakers urged colleagues to go slow and see what happens in neighboring Massachusetts, where a new voter-approved state law legalizing recreational […]

  • Nearly lynched in the 1960s, New Haven man uses art to teach others about the past

    NEW HAVEN — Typically, when you spend decades working at the same task, you expect it to get easier. But for New Haven artist, Winfred Rembert, hand-tooling and painting on leather canvasses only gets tougher, because it takes him back to the early days of his life. “The things we had to go through boy. It’s just tough man,” said Rembert. Rembert grew up in Cuthbert, Georgia in the 1940’s, a time of persistent violence, poverty and segregation. Like many […]

  • Hartford barbershop offering more than a fresh cut

    HARTFORD — A barbershop and salon in Hartford’s North End is always abuzz, with people stopping by for more than just a fresh, new ‘do. Some people are also getting a do-over. “You still see the brother struggling. They`re walking up and down the street. They`re looking for opportunity,” said owner of It’s a Gee Thang, Lebert Lester. Lester says he saw the shop as an opportunity for people living in the poverty-stricken neighborhood where he grew up. Therefore, he […]

  • Canton sculptor shapes statues with gentle hands

    BERLIN — At a busy intersection in Berlin, life quickly passes by, seemingly nonstop. However, overlooking the daily rush sits a subtle reminder to stop and reflect as the seasons in life continue to change. More than likely, you’ve never heard of Lucille Micacci, a longtime Berlin resident, but after the wife and mother of four died so suddenly, her family had a life-sized sculpture designed in her memory. “You know, it’s kind of awesome to see her and feel […]

  • Connecticut elector excited for ‘once in a lifetime’ chance, but says system is outdated

    DANBURY — The Electoral College. Its purpose, hits history, and its intricacies are a mystery to many. And one of the country’s 538 electors thinks the mystery doesn’t need to be solved, and instead it should simply become irrelevant. On Monday, December 19, all of the electors will meet in their states’ capitals to officially vote for president. It’s supposed to be an easy process — electors are bound in more than half the states to vote based on the […]