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Matt Scott joined FOX61 in 2013 and brings over 20 years of broadcasting experience to the FOX61 weather team.

Originally from New York City, Matt attended the University of Maryland and Mississippi State University. He has spent the last 11 years working as a meteorologist in Connecticut, most recently at News 12. In addition he has worked in West Virginia, Mississippi, Charlotte and Boston. His work has been nominated for Emmy Awards many times.

When he’s not on air, he’s online. Matt has won awards in the New Haven Advocate, the Hartford Advocate and New Haven Living magazine for his social media influence.

But his two biggest accomplishments are at home, his two children. When he has a little spare time and is not sleeping, Matt loves to cook, play golf, play poker and read. He would probably be a better chef, a stronger golfer, a smarter poker player and a more accomplished reader if he could pry himself away from Facebook once in a while.

Recent Articles
  • Today will be nice, but showers and high humidity return tomorrow

    Thursday will bring lots of sun, low humidity and highs in the low to mid 80s. Clouds will return on Thursday night as a warm front approaches. This will bring back the humidity and provide a trigger for scattered showers and thunderstorms. Friday morning looks wet with scattered downpours, high humidity and cloudy skies. By afternoon things may quiet down a little with showers becoming more isolated in nature. With the clouds and wet weather, temperatures will be cooler with […]

  • Calming Down After Wild Storms

    A round of thunderstorms earlier today produced street flooding, hail, lightning strikes and a few reports of wind damage. Now things are starting to calm down out there with some lingering areas of rain and a few leftover rumbles of thunder. After 9-10 PM the rest of the night will be dry but warm and humid with areas of patchy fog. Classic summer weather continues Thursday and Friday with hazy sun, humid air and highs in the 80s. Each afternoon, […]

  • Restaurants watch the weather to keep diners happy and dry

    MADISON — At M&J’s Beach Grille in Madison, they sit their walk-up restaurant on some prime real estate. According to owner John Ceneri, “there are only a few that are right smack on the beach, and I’m one of them.” Unless its raining then it’s different story. “Rainy day’s its quiet but it’s okay – you need a quiet day every now and then.” That’s fine for a little seafood shack, but for an upscale restaurant like Shell and Bones in […]

  • DEEP concerned rock snot, an invasive algae, is spreading upstream in the Farmington River

    FARMINGTON — Lately, below the Farmington River, lies a slimy problem. A slimy, flowering algae, scientifically called a stalk forming diatom. But it’s more commonly known as rock snot, an invasive algae. It’s now covering 75 percent of the rocks in parts of the Farmington River. First discovered in 2013, the rock snot was contained to the Pacific Northwest. According to Mike Beauchene, fisheries biologist with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, “to the anglers, who cast their lines […]

  • First edition copy of the Declaration of Independence on display in New Haven

    NEW HAVEN —  A rare, first edition copy of the declaration  is on display this week at Yale’s Beinecke library. It is perfectly typed, right down to the hey , where are the signatures? And why isn’t this on parchment? According to Curator George Miles, “that’s the one that clearly sticks in our mind.” But this one came first after the founding fathers made the Declaration with the support of Congress. Then, they got the word out by quickly printing up […]

  • Wallenda walking the tight rope into Foxwoods

    MASHANTUCKET —  Nik Wallenda’s  famous family has been performing aerial stunts for over 230 years. That makes him the 7th generation aerialist of the Wallenda family. You’ve seen him tightrope over the Grand Canyon. His wife Erendira just last week hung from a ring over Niagara Falls by her teeth. Now, they’re here at the Fox Theater – but that’s hardly a come down. “I knew I would have to do these worldwide events just to fill these seats here. […]

  • Inspectors work daily to keep Lake Compounce rides safe

    BRISTOL — The banners at Lake Compounce say ”170 years of fun”, and while that may be the case, they go through a lot of effort to ensure that all of those years of fun, also have up to date safety. A child dangling from a ride at Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George over the weekend, is exactly what General Manager Jerry Brick doesn’t want to happen at Lake Compounce – but if it did – he’s ready, […]

  • ALS patients enjoy accessibility at Travelers Championship

    CROMWELL —  According to 2016 Travelers’ Co-Chairman and ALS patient, Brian Savo, “this place is very easy, very accessible for someone with a handicap.” And that’s the way it should be. Diagnosed with ALS eight years ago, it left him in a wheelchair with limited muscle movement. “As an ALS patient, you don’t have too many opportunities to get out of the house,” said Savo. It’s the same disease that cut short Travelers’ CEO Jay Fishman’s life last year. And […]

  • Travelers Championship Celebrity Pro-Am tees off

    CROMWELL —  Pressure? If you think playing in the PGA Tour is full of pressure, try being an amateur playing the TPC River Highlands. From athletes to comedians to movie stars, the one thing they all have in common? This isn’t their comfort zone. According to former WNBA star Rebecca Lobo, “you know I’m not nervous about playing golf today because I made it clear that I’m not a golfer. It’s probably harder to shoot free throws cause I’m supposed […]

  • Classic car auction taking place at Mohegan Sun

    UNCASVILLE — There are hundreds of cars ready to be auctioned at the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction. To hear Craig Jackson tell it, this is for people who “Share a passion for cars, and the lifestyle that goes with it.” Like Joe Betrailia,  for him, every car has a story, like a ’72 Dodge Charger. “It’s a very sexy car. It’s shaped like a woman, or a Coca-Cola bottle when you look at it, it got curves to it,” said […]