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Matt Scott joined FOX61 in 2013 and brings over 20 years of broadcasting experience to the FOX61 weather team.

Originally from New York City, Matt attended the University of Maryland and Mississippi State University. He has spent the last 11 years working as a meteorologist in Connecticut, most recently at News 12. In addition he has worked in West Virginia, Mississippi, Charlotte and Boston. His work has been nominated for Emmy Awards many times.

When he’s not on air, he’s online. Matt has won awards in the New Haven Advocate, the Hartford Advocate and New Haven Living magazine for his social media influence.

But his two biggest accomplishments are at home, his two children. When he has a little spare time and is not sleeping, Matt loves to cook, play golf, play poker and read. He would probably be a better chef, a stronger golfer, a smarter poker player and a more accomplished reader if he could pry himself away from Facebook once in a while.

Recent Articles
  • ALS patients enjoy accessibility at Travelers Championship

    CROMWELL —  According to 2016 Travelers’ Co-Chairman and ALS patient, Brian Savo, “this place is very easy, very accessible for someone with a handicap.” And that’s the way it should be. Diagnosed with ALS eight years ago, it left him in a wheelchair with limited muscle movement. “As an ALS patient, you don’t have too many opportunities to get out of the house,” said Savo. It’s the same disease that cut short Travelers’ CEO Jay Fishman’s life last year. And […]

  • Travelers Championship Celebrity Pro-Am tees off

    CROMWELL —  Pressure? If you think playing in the PGA Tour is full of pressure, try being an amateur playing the TPC River Highlands. From athletes to comedians to movie stars, the one thing they all have in common? This isn’t their comfort zone. According to former WNBA star Rebecca Lobo, “you know I’m not nervous about playing golf today because I made it clear that I’m not a golfer. It’s probably harder to shoot free throws cause I’m supposed […]

  • Classic car auction taking place at Mohegan Sun

    UNCASVILLE — There are hundreds of cars ready to be auctioned at the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction. To hear Craig Jackson tell it, this is for people who “Share a passion for cars, and the lifestyle that goes with it.” Like Joe Betrailia,  for him, every car has a story, like a ’72 Dodge Charger. “It’s a very sexy car. It’s shaped like a woman, or a Coca-Cola bottle when you look at it, it got curves to it,” said […]

  • New concert venue being built in New Haven

    NE W HAVEN —  With a brand new stage on the New Haven Green, it is now ready to become a state of the art concert venue According to Rebecca Bomber, Director of Parks, Recreation and Trees, “we have a 40 by 40, Stageline 3200 stage that will support up to the size of the symphony.” Eight maintenance people were trained for a week and half to show them how to put the bolts in and lift it up due […]

  • Elderly have special concerns in hot weather

    WATERBURY — On a steamy hot day, mover Pedro Dominugez doesn’t have time for dangerous air quality. “I work in the snow, the heat, anytime of weather . My body’s used to all kinds of weather.” Just walking the streets can be tough for anyone, and that’s if you’re young and fit. But older?  Danessa Marshall worries about the guests at the Waterbury Senior Center, “Are they hydrated? Are they keeping themselves cool? Are they eating well?” That’s easy to […]

  • The heat is tough to beat in a food truck

    WEST HARTFORD — For police and construction workers – Monday’s heat is tough in those uniforms , but for folks running food trucks, if you can’t stand the heat, you can’t just get out of the kitchen. Clover Marsh runs the Quick Bites Jamaican food truck. ”We’ve been asking for summer for a very long time, now we have it, so we can’t say it’s too hot.” But Ron Dvon is running a 650 degree pizza oven? In this heat? […]

  • Temps in the 90s, humid, Monday, Tuesday

    Tonight will be an uncomfortable night for sleeping with the windows open. Lows will be in the mid 60s with muggy air in place, so the A/C is recommended if you have that option. With Sunday in the books, we’re one down, two to go, to get an official heat wave in the books. A hot day Monday, with temps inland getting into the low 90s easily. We also add humidity thanks to a SW wind. As a result, we […]

  • Much needed heat heads our way this weekend

    A few scattered showers dotted the skies today, with a mix of sun and clouds for the state when it’s not raining. But the bigger story is the impending heat, which has been slowly building since Wednesday. Highs today reach 80 in many places, but this pales in comparison to the next few days. Under dominant sun Sunday, and a southerly flow, expect temps to reach 90 inland, with highs staying in the 90s Monday and Tuesday. With this summer […]

  • Special Olympics takes shape from Plymouth to Hartford

    PLYMOUTH — Over 20 years of running the Special Olympics torch run, a leisurely stroll of 500 miles and 100 cities and towns in Connecticut, three days of running in different legs, it was Plymouth to Hartford’s turn. Since 1981, law enforcement has been running to raise millions of dollars, to pay for the Olympics, being held this weekend. Tyler Rae ran his leg this morning. “I just want to support my team,” he said. The high fives at the […]

  • The Nina, Pinta ships arrive in Hartford

    HARTFORD —  How often do you see ships like the Nina & Pinta come into Hartford? The captain is not Columbus. Instead, it’s Stephen Sanger who sails the ships around the country as learning vessels. The Nina is just 26-years-old and the Pinta is 15. But the authenticity of the ships are almost identical to their counterparts in 1492. According to Captain Sanger, “It was built by 8th generation Portuguese shiprights, utilizing the same techniques they used 500 years ago. […]