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Stan Simpson is an award-winning multi-media journalist. He is also an education advocate and strategic communicator. He hosts The Stan Simpson Show every Saturday morning on FOX61.

Recent Articles
  • The Stan Simpson Show: Nutritional tips to keep you fit

    HARTFORD —  Shelbi Thurau, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist from ShopRite, joins The Stan Simpson show to talk about nutrition. Thurau talks about the importance of staying hydrated and what kind of proteins are best for staying fit.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: What to do if you are a victim of sexual assault

    HARTFORD — One out of every six American women – and one out of every 33 American men – are victims of sexual abuse. On Aug. 19 in Waterbury, the “Let’s End Sexual Abuse” initiative will be highlighting strategies to address sexually abusive behavior – and get redress for victims. Rozeena Hoosain, the initiative’s founder and chief advocate, joins Stan Simpson to discuss more.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: New Foodshare boss outlines vision to feed the hungry

    HARTFORD —  Foodshare CT is known for its annual campaign to provide turkey dinners to thousands of needy families in the state. But it also provides 11.5 million meals to 300 food pantries, community kitchens and homeless shelters in Hartford and Tolland counties. Today,we’ll talk with new CEO Jason Jakubowski … He’ll outline the organization’s vision to lead the venerable organization in feeding the hungry and helping to reduce poverty.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: The politics of poverty; overall discussion about politics

    HARTFORD —  Foodshare CT CEO Jason Jakubowski joins Stan Simpson to discuss politics in America.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Combating violence with peace

    HARTFORD —  For a decade, the Connecticut Center for non-violence has worked to stop the violence in the state. Its mission is to teach others how to peacefully resolve conflict — using education and the arts as platforms. Executive Director Victoria Christgau and Pastor John Lewis — from New Haven — join Stan Simpson to talk about their reconciliation efforts in a two-part segment.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Teen girls and their self-esteem

    HARTFORD —  New author Jennifer Haynes has written her first book. It’s about self-esteem issues among young women. The book entitled “Open Letter” is about a woman named Jessica Clark who was a troubled child that struggled with low self-esteem. She experienced many devastating traumas throughout her life well throughout her 20’s. Growing up with a drug addict father, Larry Clark, Jessica witnessed the constant abuse to her mother, Jasmine Clark. The conflicts in her childhood, and the yearning for […]

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Keeping on track for your year-end goals

    HARTFORD —  Personal empowerment Coach Princess Bola Adelani, joins the Stan Simpson Show to talk about ways to stay on track in achieving your year-end goals. Adelani said there are three key factors in making sure you reach your year-end goals:motivation, accountability and plan.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Unions propose concessions to offset state deficit

    HARTFORD —  The state employees’ union has approved concession worth about $1.5 billion over the next two years. The problem is that CT has a projected $5 billion deficit over those two years and some believe those concessions are not enough. The full legislature has to vote on the deal and it’s anyone’s guess how that will end up. Chris Keating of The Hartford Courant and Zach Janowsky of the Yankee Institute both join Stan Simpson to discuss this topic.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Homeless crisis for single women in Greater Hartford

    HARTFORD —  In recent months, the number of homeless women unable to find shelter in Greater Hartford has reached a crisis. Close to 100 single women were unable to secure shelter. It is a trend that is disturbing to those on the social services front lines. Stan Simpson welcomes  Matt Morgan, executive director of Journey Home, an advocacy group to stop homelessness, and Deacon Art Miller to discuss remedies to this troubling development.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Hartford Hoops legends reunion

    HARTFORD —  An inaugural reunion of Hartford basketball legends is planned for July 28 and 29. Former UConn star Norman Bailey and author Michael Copeland join the Stan Simpson Show to discuss the reunion. A women said she was unable to get wedding dresses even though they paid in full after a local s