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Stan Simpson is an award-winning multi-media journalist. He is also an education advocate and strategic communicator. He hosts The Stan Simpson Show every Saturday morning on FOX61.

Recent Articles
  • The Stan Simpson Show: State budget fiasco

    HARTFORD —  CT is in the spotlight for being a state in a serious financial crisis.  It is the only state in the country that has not passed a budget for the new fiscal year. Meanwhile, there is a $3.5 billion deficit to address. Hartford Courant’s Chris Keating joins the Stan Simpson Show to talk about the high drama surrounding the state budget and the potential damage it’s doing to the state’s reputation in a 3-part segment.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Keeping the spotlight on Puerto Rico

    CT has the largest concentration of Puerto Ricans in the country – at 7 percent. So, the devastation on the island from Hurricane Maria is certain to impact this Land of steady habits. In this two-part segment, two state representatives – Angle Arce from Hartford; and Geraldo Reyes from Waterbury, join Stan Simpson to talk about the peril in Puerto Rico.  

  • The Stan Simpson Show: What you need to know when selecting a college

    College planning expert Jeffrey Noll joins Stan Simpson to talk all the things you need to know about selecting a college.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: NCAA hoops scandal could get uglier

    HARTFORD —  As college basketball practices begin this weekend,  the NCAA is  rocked with a corruption scandal that could taint the entire season. An FBI investigation alleges thousands of dollars have been paid to coaches to steer players to agents, apparel companies and financial advisers. Connecticut sports & entertainment attorney Robert Romano says this latest controversy should spur the NCAA to pay student-athletes. “I think the NCAA should come up with something to get some form of money to the student-athlete. […]

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Puerto Rico’s needs are dire

    HARTFORD —  Puerto Rico is under a flash flood watch as the agonizing wait for food and supplies continues in the US island after Hurricane Maria hit more than a week ago. State Rep. Angel Arce of Hartford, joins The Stan Simpson Show to talks the aftermath the storm has left on Puerto Rico in a two-part segment. Part 2 If you are looking for ways to help the people in Puerto Rico, click here.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Creating a personal financial plan that fits your lifestyle

    HARTFORD —  Certified financial Planner Nicole Peterkin talks about her new book “If You Love Your Family, Save Like it”. “Millions of us carry massive credit card debt, have minimal savings, and are relying on Social Security alone for our retirement income. If you love your family, you need to handle your money in a way that proves it,” said Peterkin 5 Steps to Building a Financial Plan that Fits Your Lifestyle according to Peterkin: Identify your values. Write down specific […]

  • The Stan Simpson Show: State budget still at impasse

    HARTFORD — Three months into a new fiscal year, and CT has still not passed a state budget. The political tides, however, may be shifting at the capitol because some Senate and House Democrats endorsed a Republican-authored budget that would close a $3.5 million budget gap. Gov. Malloy has promised a veto, which means for the first time – in a long time – there will be a bi-partisan-crafted budget. Christine Dempsey, Editor of CTNewsjunkie.com, joins Stan Simpson to give […]

  • The Stan Simpson Show – Businesses leaving the state

    In the last year, three CT companies announced they are relocating their corporate headquarters out of state. The Alexion pharmaceutical company in New Haven in the latest, announcing this week it will move hundreds of jobs to Boston. …GE and Aetna also have announced relocation of their corporate headquarters. So, what must CT do to stop the rash of exits? Joe Brennan, president & CEO of CBIA, the state’s leading business organization joins us for a chat.

  • The Stan Simpson Show – Your credit score

    We’ll wrap things up with a man whose business focus is on how to improve your credit score – and highlight what bad habits to avoid. Glen Watkis, from Watkis Financial in Glastonbury, will explain.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Helping police to de-escalate racial tension

    HARTFORD —  Racial tension have been percolating in recent months, particularly between police and urban communities. A CT non-violence organization is working with police departments in New Haven and New Britain. The goal is to assist police on strategies to de-escalate racial tensions in community policing We’ll talk about those strategies with Victoria Christgau, executive director of the CT Center for Nonviolence, and Pastor John Lewis from New Haven.