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Stan Simpson is an award-winning multi-media journalist. He is also an education advocate and strategic communicator. He hosts The Stan Simpson Show every Saturday morning on FOX61.

Recent Articles
  • The Stan Simpson Show – The firing of Kevin Ollie

    After six years – including a national championship and two consecutive losing seasons – UConn has fired Kevin Ollie. But the way the university is handling the ouster is highly questionable. UConn says it is terminating Ollie for “cause”; which means it would not have to pay the remaining $10 million on his contract. The tactic looks premature because an ongoing NCAA investigation has not been completed. Hartford Courant UConn sports writer Dom Amore is here to catch us up on the […]

  • The Stan Simpson Show — National Walkout Day

    Several weeks ago, a nation was horrified to learn 17 high school students were killed in a mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. This week, in protests across the country, their peers are saying enough. Sothington High’s Julia Brilla, and Tyler Suarez, a University of Bridgeport student, will talk about this student movement.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Social Media bots – why we should care

    HARTFORD —  You’ve heard the term social media “bots” connected to Russia’s alleged interference in the presidential elections. But what are the future implications for media and politics? University of Hartford Asst. Prof. Adam Chiara joins Stan Simpson to discuss.  

  • The Stan Simpson Show: The latest on CT politics

    HARTFORD —  State Supreme Court Judge Andrew McDonald’s nomination to be the next chief Justice is at an impasse. The Senate is divided about his potential ascension, which means the House will make what is sure to be a controversial outcome. Hartford Courant Capital Bureau Chief Christopher Keating is here to tell us what the relevance is for Connecticut.

  • The Stan Simpson Show -Eating right

    Chef Addy Vargas-Salazar’s life purpose is to make sure you are engaging a healthy lifestyle. And that starts with what you are eating. The owner of “Mojo Nuevo Latin Cuisine” in Waterbury talks with Stan about her journey, from the Dominican Republic to respected entrepreneur and health advocate. We’ll also talk about how to reduce high blood pressure, start- and-sustain a nutritious meal plan – and get some quick tips for a health-conscious kitchen.

  • The Stan Simspon Show: A nurse’s road to addiction and recovery

    HARTFORD —  Staff shortages. Long hours. Changing shifts, they can make people in the medical profession such as nurses, vulnerable for substance-abuse or addiction problems. It is a widely unreported story but it is real. Journalist Kate Farrish sheds light on the problem in a recent Page 1 story in The Hartford Courant. A little more than 80 percent of the discipline cases reviewed by the CT Board of Examiners for Nurses were related to substance-or-drug-abuse. Farrish and nurse Sara Kaiser […]

  • The Stan Simpson Show: How Mike Harrington dropped 200 lbs in 12 months

    HARTFORD —  Four years ago, Mike Harrington weighed over 400 pounds and was obese, unhealthy and very unhappy. He finally had enough and set off on a journey to healthy living, eventually losing 200 pounds. Today, Harrington weighs 220 pounds and is committed to a healthy lifestyle which includes a consistent meal plan and exercise. Harrington joins Stan Simpson to talk about how he went from “Fat to Fit.”  

  • The Stan Simpson Show: How social media can play a role in reducing teen suicide

    Social and digital media expert David Ryan Polgar joins The Stan Simspon Show to talk about how social media can play a role in detecting depression or mental illness among its users.

  • The Stan Simspon Show: St. Agnes Home for teen moms closes after 100 years

    Since 1914, St. Agnes Home in West Hartford has been a safe haven for young mothers. It started as place where mothers could leave their infants for adoption. It evolved into a residential home for teen moms, teaching them life skills and self-esteem. St. Agnes recently closed its doors abruptly. The state is referring more teen moms to foster homes or homes where relatives reside. After 100 years, St. Agnes leaves a legacy of empowering thousands of young moms. Joining […]

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Gearing up for 2018

    Success Coach Princess Bola Adelani is back with her personal empowerment tips.