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After an eight year hiatus, Tony returned to the FOX61 family in January, 2013, as a General Assignment News Reporter and fill-in Anchor.

During his first stint with the station, from 1993-2005, Tony was an award-winning sports anchor and reporter.

Tony’s return to FOX61 afforded him the opportunity to work with his father, Al Terzi, a FOX61 Anchor, for the first time in their extensive careers. In fact, on December 26, 2013, they became only the second father-son duo to co-anchor a newscast.

Tony and his wife, Susan, are the proud parents of two teenage sons.

Recent Articles
  • Barbara Bush had fond memories of New Haven

    NEW HAVEN – The Bush family connections to Yale University run deep, including the two and a half-year period following WWII that the late Barbara Bush wrote about in her memoir. George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife, Barbara, came to New Haven after he completed active duty as a Navy pilot. His tuition was paid for through the G.I. Bill. “He and his wife became engaged at an early age and married even before they came to Yale,” said […]

  • Teens in stolen car crash into Branford police cruiser, second time in weeks

    BRANFORD — Four teens and a 19-year-old man from Bridgeport were arrested after stealing a car, and crashing it into a Branford police cruiser. This is the second time a stolen car crashed into Branford police in a couple of weeks. The driver was only 14-years-old. Police responded to a report of suspicious people and a car in the area of Seldon Avenue. Five cars were reported stolen from that same area less than 24 hours earlier. Police were on the lookout for a […]

  • Former Fairfield official arraigned on animal abuse charges

    BRIDGEPORT – A petition created by an animal advocate from Fairfield, has earned over 51,000 signatures in response to an alleged animal abuse case, involving a former Fairfield town official. Ray Neuberger, 34, a former member of Fairfield’s version of the Town Council, was arrested as a result of injuries sustained by his fiancé’s dogs, Thor and Charlie, last year. He was charged Monday with four counts of malicious wounding of animals. “I know that typically animal abusers go onto abuse people,” said Tina […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Waterbury cop faces long recovery after being dragged by car

    WATERBURY — Surveillance video captured by cameras on the exterior of a north end market proved very valuable in assisting Waterbury police in capturing a suspect, who dragged a police officer with the car he was speeding away in. On Monday, April 9, after receiving a call from a Waterbury store about a man stealing from them, Waterbury police spotted Eric Woodson at the Macoris Market, at the corner of Ward and Walnut Streets last Monday morning. “The officer was […]

  • A push to reach those in New Haven who never finished high school

    NEW HAVEN — Nearly 60 vendors and colleges took part in the roll out of the New Haven Adult and Continuing Education Center’s “No Excuses” campaign on Thursday. “In our city, 30 percent of our citizens don’t read on grade level,” said Michelle Bonora, Principal of NH Adult Ed. “And one out of five do not have a high school diploma.” As a follow-up to this event, there will be a boots on the ground recruiting component. “Right at the end […]

  • Swastikas spray painted in Waterbury park

    WATERBURY — Symbols of hate displayed throughout a section of a popular Waterbury park, have left a large number of nearby residents saddened by the act. “We had three right here on each stone, one on each stone,” said Waterbury’s Menachem Karolitzky, in describing one of the locations where  swastikas were spray painted in Fulton Park Sunday, at approximately 4 p.m., Karolitzky came to the park after a call he could not believe. “To do this to one religion is just, […]

  • New Haven man trashing city over citation

    NEW HAVEN —  A New Haven ordinance regarding trash receptacles, has one city couple miffed after they were fined $500 for allegedly keeping their cans by the curb for too long. A homeowner calls the citation he and his wife received unjust and he’s calling the enforcement officer who issued the fine, a hypocrite. Rashad Gibson said what he and his wife are dealing with now is complete garbage. “On March 20, I received a note on my door that […]

  • Former Easton EMT accused of stealing guns and posing as cop

    BRIDGEPORT — Police don’t know what former Sacred Heart University student and Easton EMT Christoper Barlow’s end game was, but, they are thankful for discovering a locked cabinet inside this Easton EMS building. Now 21-year-old Christopher Barlow appeared in Bridgeport Superior Court Thursday, facing five charges, including two counts of stealing a firearm, two counts of voyeurism, and taking unauthorized photos of accident victims while on the job as an EMT. He is also accused possessing fake IDs, including ones […]

  • Man fatally shot in Woodbridge

    WOODBRIDGE —  Sources tell FOX61 a Hamden man was shot to death Wednesday morning in front of a Woodbridge home on Rimmon Road. The shooting occurred in front Michael Berkley’s home, in a quiet community that is not used to a commotion like this. “I was asleep and I got woken up” said Berkley. “It was like bang, bang bang, bang, bang, like multiple gunshots, maybe four to six.” He said, he didn’t hear any car speed off. “I was in […]

  • Naugatuck High School sees increased police after social media threat

    NAUGATUCK — Police say they’ve arrested a teen after they made a threat over social media. Police say the threat targeted teachers and students of Naugatuck High School. The teen made the threat over the ‘Snapchat‘ app. Naugatuck Police were alerted to the threat around 10:45 p.m. Monday after a screenshot of the threat was sent around to a number of students. In turn, Naugatuck PD had over 50 calls reporting the posting from parents, students, and citizens who were concerned […]