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After an eight year hiatus, Tony returned to the FOX61 family in January, 2013, as a General Assignment News Reporter and fill-in Anchor.

During his first stint with the station, from 1993-2005, Tony was an award-winning sports anchor and reporter.

Tony’s return to FOX61 afforded him the opportunity to work with his father, Al Terzi, a FOX61 Anchor, for the first time in their extensive careers. In fact, on December 26, 2013, they became only the second father-son duo to co-anchor a newscast.

Tony and his wife, Susan, are the proud parents of two teenage sons.

Recent Articles
  • New London-Waterford Speed Bowl opening despite sex trafficking scandal

    WATERFORD —  The New London–Waterford Speed Bowl was supposed to open nearly two months ago, but a sex trafficking scandal, involving the now former owner, put this season in jeopardy. But on Saturday, the Speed Bowl finally gets the green light on the 2017 season, which has a new business near the track hopeful. The Speed Bowl has been racing since 1951 and there are plenty of area racing fans who are excited the checkered flag will drop again tomorrow. […]

  • Man attacks 5 year old at Shelton daycare: Police

    SHELTON —  It was a bizarre end to a Father’s Day celebration at a daycare Shelton daycare. The Apple Tree Daycare & Preschool Center was not willing to comment on the incident, but Shelton police say it started with a Father’s Day card. Children that attend the daycare were invited to an event that included the kids making Father’s Day cards.  Among the dads: 33-year-old Lance Churchill. Det. Richard Bango said, “A 5-year-old boy playfully grabbed Lance’s card and ran around […]

  • New Haven marketing plan receiving stamp of approval

    NEW HAVEN —  An initiative to celebrate and promote New Haven businesses is thriving after just one year. The “Made in New Haven” campaign has doubled its membership since it was rolled out last year. It offers city businesses, free of charge, the opportunity to show their pride in New Haven, through the use of a logo created through historical research. “The Elm trees and the water and old signs and fonts that were used on packaging back in the 17 […]

  • Norwich ‘Welcome’ signs a result of our political climate

    NORWICH —  A community leader in Norwich, who said our country is not as inclusive as it should be, has recently implemented a simple idea to help change that. And he’s hoping cities across the nation will follow suit. For now, there are only two, hard to notice, signs welcoming to those, who speak seven different languages that are prominent in the Rose City. The creator said this is a way to increase recognition of the city’s cultural diversity. Swaranjit […]

  • DOT wants to make changes to dangerous interchange

    ORANGE —  The Wilbur Cross Parkway was not designed to carry the volume of traffic it does today. So, some changes are being suggested by the state Department of Transportation, especially at one of the states most dangerous interchanges. This interchange at exit 58 and 57 in Orange, has featured among the most accidents in the state. Exit 58 southbound is a big trouble spot as the traffic tends to back up onto the highway during rush hour. “Providing that […]

  • DOT wants to make changes to dangerous Wilbur Cross – Rt. 34 interchange

    ORANGE  —  The Wilbur Cross Parkway was not designed to carry the volume of traffic it does today. So, some changes are being suggested by the State Department Of Transportation, especially at one of the states most dangerous interchanges. This interchange, at exit 58 and 57 in Orange, has been the site of  the  many accidents. Exit 58 southbound is a big trouble spot as the traffic tends to back up onto the highway during rush hour. “Providing that additional deceleration […]

  • Florida’s Governor recruiting Connecticut businesses again

    NORWALK — As Connecticut faces the prospect of a $5 billion budget deficit over the next two years, Florida’s Governor is seizing what he sees as another opportunity to engage disenchanted businesses. Governors Rick Scott (R-Florida) and Dannel P. Malloy (D-Connecticut) were both elected on the same day in 2010. But, very little has been the same since. “We’ve got the second lowest taxes, per capita, in the country,” Scott told a Norwalk business gathering Monday morning. “Your taxes are […]

  • Bridgeport cops to be added to public housing complexes

    BRIDGEPORT —  With 13 homicides on the books in Bridgeport this year, including many in or near public housing, the city is rolling out a new plan that they hope will discourage untoward activity. Roughly $1 million is being invested in Bridgeport’s three major public housing complexes. “The goal that has been talked about, which was previously discussed, and I approved, is for $600,000 for additional officers and $400,000 for public improvements,” said Mayor Joseph Ganim (D-Bridgeport). In June 2015, […]

  • Bullied Wallingford student opts not to graduate with class

    WALLINGFORD —  Lyman Hall High School holds its commencement ceremonies Friday evening, but one student has already received her diploma. Dating back to middle school, Mackenzie Torcello didn’t like going to school. “The bullying, the making fun of, the name calling, the just, I didn’t feel comfortable being near them,” said the 2017 graduate of Lyman Hall High School. She said her peers made her feel “terrible, like worthless.”​ Instead of spending her senior year in a classroom, at Lyman Hall High School, the school system provided tutoring at […]

  • Guilford garden vandalized several times

    GUILFORD —  A specialty garden which caters to folks with Autism, has been vandalized twice in recent weeks, which is going to force volunteers to rebuild the sanctuary from scratch. It took over 1,000 volunteer hours to create a garden that engages all senses, which is perfect for individuals with autism who experience sensory differences. “So, what might be softer to us might feel different to them and it might smell powerful to us might be different for them,” said […]