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After an eight year hiatus, Tony returned to the Fox CT family in January, 2013, as a General Assignment News Reporter and fill-in Anchor.

During his first stint with the station, from 1993-2005, Tony was an award-winning sports anchor and reporter.

Tony’s return to Fox CT afforded him the opportunity to work with his father, Al Terzi, a Fox CT Anchor, for the first time in their extensive careers. In fact, on December 26, 2013, they became only the second father-son duo to co-anchor a newscast
Tony and his wife, Susan, are the proud parents of two teenage sons.

Recent Articles
  • Stamford’s Americares responding to devastating Peru flooding

    STAMFORD —  Since December, Peru has been deluged by 10 times the normal amount of rain, which has led to massive flooding and landslides. Fortunately, organizations like Stamford based Americares are always ready to assist. Americares renders some $600 million worth of medical aid and innovative healthcare to 90 countries, including the United States, every year. The devastation in Peru “Is largely due to a coastal El Niño affect,” said Kate Dischino, Americares Director of Emergency Response. “To date, there […]

  • City of Bridgeport ready for this week’s NCAA Tournament action

    BRIDGEPORT —  Hosting one of four NCAA women’s tournament regionals is nothing new for Bridgeport, which city officials call the most diverse city in the state. “It’s such a good thing for the city and for the state,” said Mayor Joseph Ganim of the tournament. Ganim says rolling out the welcome mat to fans includes assisting folks with volunteer city ambassadors. “They will be easily identifiable,” said Christine Bartlett-Josie, the city’s Deputy Chief of Staff. “All of our young volunteers […]

  • Heavy gypsy moth defoliation expected to continue this year

    MIDDLEFIELD —   State environmental officials anticipate that, for a third consecutive year, there will be a heavy defoliation of hardwood trees as a result of a growing presence of gypsy moths. A good indication of a coming gypsy moth infestation: silky, camel colored egg masses, clinging to your trees, with sometimes 1,000 eggs in each. “So, if you’re looking at your tree with several hundred egg masses on it and multiply that, that’s a lot of caterpillars,” said Dr. […]

  • Amtrak trains delayed after tree falls on tracks in New Haven

    NEW HAVEN —  The electronic schedule board at New Haven’s Union Station was full of delays and cancellations Wednesday, all due to a fallen tree on southbound tracks. At approximately 11:00 a.m., Amtrak received reports of a tree in the catenary (overhead power lines) just north of Union Station. Shortly after that, Amtrak was notified by its crews that there was no overhead power in the area, due to the lines coming across the tracks and resting on one of […]

  • Yale students gaining more attention for their hangover elixir

    NEW HAVEN — Two Yale undergrads say they have created a supplement that they are billing as a hangover’s worst enemy. “We partnered with Yale alumni, professors and a world-class pharmaceutical manufacturer to tackle the four root causes of a hangover,” said Margaret Morse, Co-Founder of the supplement called SunUp​. Morse and fellow Yale senior Liam McClintock say SunUp consists of liver supporting ingredients, vitamins, electrolytes and other nutrients that help the body process the harmful byproducts of alcohol. “I think it’s pretty cool,” said Nick Grasso of […]

  • Shoreline communities could lose federal ‘Sandy’ money

    WEST HAVEN — Twelve shoreline towns received federal funding, to make critical upgrades to their local infrastructure, following Superstorm Sandy, in October of 2012. However, eight, are considered to be behind schedule and in danger of losing unused funding. Superstorm Sandy devastated so many in October of 2012. “I live across the street from the shore and watching the water flow by the house,” recalled West Haven Mayor Ed O’Brien. “There was trees, just debris flowing. It was like a […]

  • Catholics given exemption to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

    NEW HAVEN —  Having St. Patrick’s Day fall on a Friday brought about an important question. On Fridays, during the Lenten season, Catholics are supposed to refrain from eating meat. However, there was relief. “Everyone is dispensed from not eating meat today,” said Fr. Mark Jette, of the St. Lawrence Parish in West Haven. That, of course, includes corned beef. Last week, leading up to the greater New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Trinity Restaurant and Bar had 800 […]

  • Community lending helping hand for Branford dog

    BRANFORD —  Since she was found neglected and emaciated in Branford last week, the dog, that the animal shelter named Hope, has captured the hearts of many. “We have received Facebook posts as well as phone calls and emails from places like Australia, Vietnam, Hawaii, California,” said Laura Burban, the Director of the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford. After her condition took a turn for the worse last weekend, she has continued to rebound and yesterday had an endoscopy. […]

  • Ansonia fire victims receiving community support

    ANSONIA —  Six families were displaced by several fires that happened in Ansonia last weekend. Now, local organizations and individuals are pitching in to help. TEAM, Inc., A local social services organization, is teaming up with a charity named “Going The Extra Mile” to help these six families get back on their feet by providing everything from cash to clothing and furniture, as well as assistance in finding new housing. The largest fire of the weekend happened in a multi-family […]

  • Several Milford beach communities cleaning up storm related damages again

    MILFORD —  Homeowners along Bayview Beach in Milford are breathing a sigh of relief. After already having to rebuild following Super Storm Sandy, many were nervous about what the combination of lunar tides and high winds would do to their neighborhood. Chris Saley, Milford’s Director of Public Works, said yesterday’s storm had so much force, that an entire sand Burma was pushed into the street by the pounding surf during high tide Tuesday afternoon. As folks in the Bayview Beach […]