Warming trend

Today will be sunny with highs in the mid-upper 30s.

Then temperatures get another boost on Saturday with sunshine and highs in the mid-upper 40s. A few additional clouds will stream in on Sunday. But with highs in 40s it’s tough to complain.

This warmth will likely melt any leftover snow from the last “storm,” if you got any accumulation at all!

Chance wintry mix

Clouds will really thicken up on Monday as a warm front approaches. Showers will develop in the afternoon and there’s a chance some of our inland communities begin with a light wintry mix with highs in the 30s. Then as warmer air moves in, any mix will change to rain at night.

Here comes the rain again

A wind-swept rain will continue into Tuesday with highs near 50 degrees. An approaching storm will be pulling in plenty of Gulf and Atlantic moisture, bringing a decent chance for over 1” of rain.

So now the million dollar question…

What will the mild temperatures and rain mean for the ongoing ice jams in our state? Well it will likely help the water and ice get at least some movement.  But sometimes in these situations you can get relief in one spot and then the ice moves downstream and can collect in another location and get stuck. Forecasting how and where these chunks of ice move and accumulate is really tough. I don’t think we’ll see enough rain to cause flooding issues by itself. But everything will need to be monitored very closely in the days ahead.

Forecast Details:

TODAY: Mostly Sunny, High: Mid 30s, upper 30s shoreline.

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny, mild. High: Mid-upper 40s.

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy and mild. High: Mid 40s.

MONDAY: Mostly cloudy, showers developing (could start as a  light wintry mix in spots inland). High: Mid-upper 30s.

TUESDAY: Wind-swept rain, some heavy. High: Near 50.

WEDNESDAY: Sunny, blustery and colder. High: Mid-upper 30s.

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