A potent nor’easter hitting on the state this evening, bringing a lot of wind-driven rain, some sleet and snow, and the potential for both flooding and power outages.

The storm ramps up by early evening, with high wind and rain reducing visibility.

Wind gusts may exceed 50 mph, leading to downed power lines. Snow and sleet is confined to the Northwest hills, where a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect.

The shoreline may have wind gusts up to 60 mph, with gusty winds all across CT tonight. Coastal flooding may be an issue in the “usual spots”.

Tomorrow we’ll have lingering showers with highs around 40. The storm continues into Tuesday as the rain and wind slowly calm down, leading to sun by Wednesday.

Better weather fills in for Wednesday through the weekend, with highs staying above average. It may be cooler this weekend, but no major snow threats are looming.

Forecast Details: 

Tonight: Windy with moderate to heavy rain, at times.  Snow and ice in the highest elevations. Temps steady overnight, in the 30s and low 40s.

Tuesday: Periods of rain and lingering showers in the morning, gradually ending in the afternoon. High: 40s.

Wednesday: Partly sunny, mild and pleasant. High: 50.

Thursday:  Partly cloudy, chance for a few PM showers. High: 40s

Friday: Partly sunny, cooler. High: 35-40.

Saturday: Partly sunny, blustery. High: 30s.

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