The Weekend:

St. Patrick’s Day and the rest of this weekend will be mostly sunny and dry.   While temps will be on the chilly side compared to seasonal averages, it will be brisk and with lots of sunshine!  Some clouds will mix in at times this afternoon, but they are likely to be few and far between.  Sunday will continue to feature plenty sunshine and chilly temperatures; but at least there will be no snow or rain.   By Monday, temps will moderate a bit into the low 40s.

Potential Nor’easter?

We’ve said it 3 times this month (and we’re about to say it again), but another Nor’easter will come knocking at our doorstep.  Some models showing a close call by Wednesday into Thursday with a brushing or light snow to a complete miss, while a couple of models still show a moderate to heavy snowstorm.

With no higher resolution guidance available, and many of the defining features of this snowstorm still yet to form, there is still considerable uncertainty in the outcome, despite a hint of a lower impact storm.  Much like the last storm, which started out days in advance as a low impact/out to sea event only to form farther west and closer to us, there is still a chance for little wildcards like that to throw a wrench in the whole forecasting process.  Once again it will be a battle of determining how the transfer of energy between parent storm and the developing surface low occurs, and how much strengthening occurs as the storm moves northeastward.  A weaker storm would likely form further east, and track out to sea.  A stronger storm would likely track closer to the coast and impact our region with heavier snows.

Overall, it’s a storm that will be monitored with a close eye, and thankfully, is the only real threat to our pleasant weather in the next 7 days.  Long range models suggest a bucking of this trend we have been in which should put winter to bed altogether as we head into April.


TODAY: Mostly sunny. Breezy. High: Low 40s.

TONIGHT: Clear and cold.  Low: 15-25.

SUNDAY: Sunny, chilly.  High: Mid-30s.

MONDAY: Mostly sunny. High: Low 40s.

TUESDAY: Increasing clouds. High: Mid-upper 30s.

WEDNESDAY: Chance rain/snow. High: 30s.

THURSDAY: Snow ending.  Mostly cloudy, windy and cold. High: 35-40.

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny, breezy and cool.  High: Low 40s.

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