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Three-Legged Pup Gets New Owner, New Paw

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bandit was down to just three paws and was on the verge of being put down. But thankfully, the dog has a new owner, who also happens to work with prosthetics.

Most of us have probably seen a three-legged dog before, but Bandit’s situation is extra tough because it’s one of his front paws which is missing and that really affects his balance.

Thanks to his master, however, Bandit seems to be moving around like a true “four-legged friend.”

“Whether he was damaged goods or not, he was dumped at a pound, what they call a kill shelter,” said Jeff Rubelmann, bandit’s owner.

A coyote had robbed Bandit of part of his left paw, biting off much of it.

“He’s got a little tiny one-inch little nub there,” Rubelmann said.

Bandit could still get around, but with a severe limp. He found a new best friend in Jeff Rubelmann not just because he gave him a better home – he gave him better balance.

A prosthetic technician at BioMetrics in Trumbull, Rubelmann figured what worked for humans should also work for his dog, and fitted him with a prosthetic front paw.

With Bandit it’s a work in progress. First he has to get used to his new prosthesis, but as he gets older, it will adapt with him.

The pup brings joy to Rubelmann, but he’s also an inspiration to the human patients.

“He’s very happy, very sweet, really well spirited,” Rubelmann said. “I think he’s grateful.”

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