Like In Cleveland, Connecticut Girl Was Held Captive Against Her Will

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Some say the situation in Ohio where three women were found nearly 10 years after they were abducted and held captive is strikingly similar to one that played out right here in Connecticut.

A Bloomfield teen disappeared for a year and was found in a West Hartford basement in 2007.

Danielle Cramer ran away from home in 2006 and ended up missing for more than a year. She was discovered by police detectives in the home of Adam Gault.

Marc Needelman, the family’s attorney, said news of the kidnapped women in Cleveland brought back memories of what his own client had gone through.

“It’s just so tragic that this can happen any place, any time and go on for years,” he said.

Orlando Negron, Cramer’s boyfriend, dated her for four years after she was found. She lived with him for a period of time at his Willimantic apartment.

“For all the stuff that’s happened to her I mean… I would suspect the situation would be very tormenting for a person like that.”

Negron said he heard that Cramer is doing well in the wake of her ordeal.

“She’s actually doing pretty good,” he said. “I heard that she was getting a job and I guess she’s living with her parents now and they’re helping her go back to school and everything so… she’s doing pretty good on her own.”

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