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Three Key Self Defense Moves For Women And Children

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Dennis Golden is the CEO of IM-SAFE, which teaches women and children self defense. He joins the morning extra along with Jennifer Lownik, a defense instructor, and Ava, a second grader, to demonstrate defense methods women and children can use to protect themselves.
Self-defense tips:
  • When we are talking with young children, we find that parents are great at arming children with safety tips such as fire safety, bike safety and wearing seat belts, however, they fall short when it comes to personal safety. A person’s first line of defense is education and knowing what they can do to stay safe.
  • Use your voice – first to warn and next to request help.
  • Keep your distance – we tell kids to imagine a large hula hoop around themselves and start warning with words if someone enters that space.
  • Never go with someone/take anything or trust a suspicious situation.
  • It’s okay to say no to adults – many kids don’t realize this is an option unless they are told.
  • Every person (even kids) have the right to defend themselves if they are being attacked.
  • Your personal safety is your responsibility for kids and adults alike.

For more tips and information, go to:

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