Sen. Murphy And Gov. Malloy Launch New Manufacturing Initiative In Hartford

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy is calling on the state’s business community to help him craft a federal policy that could lead to job growth in the manufacturing industry in Connecticut. Sen. Murphy formed a group of advisors that had it’s first meeting in Hartford today to discuss how to grow a $25 billion industry.

There are roughly 20,000 manufacturing openings in Connecticut, but businesses cannot fill these positions.

“We don’t have enough kids coming out or retrained workers to fill the vacancies,” say Doug Johnson, president of the Small Manufacturers Association of Connecticut.

Johnson is also a member of Sen. Chris Murphy’s new manufacturing think tank, which he implores, must be on the same page.

“We have to get labor. We have to get education. We have to get manufacturers and the trade associations and the state of Connecticut, the Department of Labor.”

Connecticut is often described as being unfriendly to businesses, however, Doug Johnson said the state offers one of the most talented workforces in the nation.

“Our productivity is, I think we rank number four in productivity. We are an expensive state. you know, our employees demand a higher wage, but they’re a much more skilled workforce. “

Gov. Dannel Malloy notes the average manufacturing employee in Connecticut makes $87,000, and some businesses in that industry will even pay for a student’s education.

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  • Kevin McCarthy

    Didn't you fine folks just piss off the firearms manufacturers enough to leave Connecticut? Holy double standard…. You can't have it both ways!
    Manufacturing is Manufacturing! But one is less dirty and safer than the other… As the story states, it is cleaner than you think and they pay up to eighty thousand a year.
    You don't think that colt could have said the same before they move to another state… You people are absolutley delusional!

  • lee

    Hmmmm anytime the Government gets involved just more money wasted. The only thing "manufactured" in this country is the BS the politicians dish out.