Charla Nash Claim Dismissed By Claims Commissioner

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Charla Nash ‘Heartbroken’ She Can’t Sue State

A multimillion-dollar claim against the state by Charla Nash – the victim of a 2009 mauling by 200-pound chimpanzee in a 2009 attack in Stamford that left her blind and required a face transplant – has been dismissed by state Claims Commissioner Paul Vance Jr., state Attorney George Jepsen said Friday.

Jepsen said his office had received notice from Vance that its motion to dismiss the claim in behalf of Nash had been granted, and “the claim is dismissed.”

Nash has a chance to appeal to the state General Assembly to reverse Vance’s decision. The state enjoys “sovereign immunity” against most lawsuits for damages unless the claims commissioner grants permission to bring an action in state Superior Court.

Nash received a successful face transplant in 2011, two years after the attack by the 14-year-old chimp, Travis. The chimp was owned by her friend and employer, Sandra Herold, who died in 2010. A transplant to give Nash new hands was unsuccessful. She lost all of one hand in the attack, and all but the thumb of the other.

Vance held a lengthy hearing on the claim in August of last year.

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1 Comment

  • TooRotten

    If the State had taken the chimp from her friend before this happened, Charla would have been standing next to her friend screaming about it being unfair to put Travis is a zoo cage! She had personal experiences with his temperament issues, yet she never said to her friend that she should give him up, or gone to the authorities herself, wrote a letter of complaint about him being there… No, she continued to help her friend keep Travis hidden and off the radar! Now she wants a huge payout from the very people she avoided like the plague so that her and her friend could have a stressed out, psychotic and rampaging chimpanzee run amok… The irony is painful! Hope she cannot sue and doesn't receive a penny for her part in this.