Getting Dirty With Some Underground Adventure

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

We’re getting down and dirty and going deep. Our destination isn’t quite a “journey to the center of the Earth,” but it’s pretty close. We headed underground in upstate New York – to Howe Caverns, where they offer an “adventure tour” that’s different from anything we’ve ever done.

“For anyone who might want to do something a bit more challenging,” said Guy Schiavone, the specialty tour supervisor at Howe Caverns which is located in Howe’s Cave, N.Y.

Garbed in Tyvek jumpsuits, gloves, boots, a helmet and an LED light,  guests go far off the beaten path that the standard tour offers.

“There’s absolutely no light other than what we bring in, and there’s no paved walkways,” Shiavone said. “It actually requires you getting down on your hands and knees and crawling through spaces as small as 14 inches in diameter.”

The two-hour tour snakes through passageways that were formed by rushing currents and melt water millions of years ago. It’s filthy but entirely fulfilling. Claustrophobics might want to skip this one.

Howe Caverns also offers tours that are a bit more tame. On Fridays and Saturdays there’s a lantern tour, and the traditional tour is offered every day. To find out more about the tours at the Caverns and for prices and schedules,  click here to go to

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