Bill Cosby sentenced for sexual assault

Three Arrested In Prank Kidnapping In Plainfield

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From left: Danny L. Vinal, Harley-Jane Davidson, Mark Reasoner, were arrested after a kidnapping prank went wrong, police said. (Courtesy of Plainfield Police)

Three young people are facing charges after police said they staged a kidnapping at a gas station in Moosup, Ct., Tuesday morning. 21-year-old Danny Vinal, 22-year-old Mark Reasoner, and 19-year-old Harley-Jane Davidson are charged with Breach of Peace.

Around 7 am, Plainfield police responded to two calls of a female duct-taped inside a car trunk. They found the car outside a home on Aldrich Avenue and learned that the Vinal, Reasoner, and Davidson had purposefully duct-tied one of them to make the event look like a kidnapping.

“It was just a joke,” Vinal said.

But Plainfield Police Chief Michael Surprenant said the “joke” came right after many officers had worked at an armed stand-off earlier that morning and it could have taken away valuable police resources.

“It’s a danger to victims, danger to society, and it’s a danger to police who are actually working these scenes,” Surprenant said.

The young people were released on $500 bond. They are scheduled to appear at Danielson Superior Court on July 22.

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  • uzi9mmauto

    This is supposed to be a FREE COUNTRY! Tough Sh1t if people are too stupid to take a fawking Joke. If police can beat somebody half to death cause he didn't pull over fast enough and keep their job. Then I can bring up hundreds of more reasons. There is NO REASON beyond questioning these kids should of been HARASSED. If police do not have a sense of humor then they need to get ANOTHER JOB they can handle.


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