Man Seeks To Stop Ted Nugent’s CT Show After His Trayvon Martin Comments

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

On a Thursday evening, music is overflowing from Toad’s Place, and come Aug. 6, tunes played by Ted Nugent will echo from the popular New Haven venue.

If Weston, Conn., resident John Finegan has his way, Nugent would be at home singing the blues.

“He is someone who espouses hate and tries to celebrate the differences more so than things that unify and bring us together,” said Finegan.

Ted Nugent is known for his outspoken ways, but a recent editorial on Rare, a conservative website, was too much for John Finegan.

Some of the comments Ted Nugent wrote include: “George Zimmerman is thankfully and rightfully not facing any jail time for legally defending himself, but he is far from a free man.”

And: “While there is little he can do to protect himself from a civil rights charge by our gun-running, pro-New Black Panthers attorney general, Mr. Zimmerman may have some legal room to move regarding a wrongful death lawsuit by Trayvon Martin’s family. George Zimmerman should consider suing Trayvon Martin’s parents.”

He also labeled Trayvon Martin as a “17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe.”

On Tuesday Aug. 6, Nugent will play live at Toad’s Place.

“I would like to see Toad’s Place disinvite Mr. Nugent,” said Finegan.

“He’s playing here no matter what happens,” said Toad’s Place owner Brian Phelps in response.

Phelps said Nugent has a right to speak his mind.

“As long as it’s not something totally insane then that’s their business and they should have a right to say it. That is what our country is all about.”

Finegan said he’s hoping people come together for a rally or protest. He hasn’t formed anything, but that could change as August nears and as Ted Nugent makes his way into New Haven.

John has contacted the NAACP, informing them about it.

Fox CT spoke to a representative who said they will look into the matter Friday morning.

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    • TruthIsJustice

      It is not about Freedom of Speech. It is about supporting someone, by paying them money, when they are likely to use the opportunity to espouse hate and racism. That is what Toads is doing. If they change their mind, Nugent is still completely free to speak all he wants, just not using their stage. If they pay him and give him a platform, they are not giving him the freedom to speak – he already has that – they are providing him with amplification for his vile venom because they think they can profit from it.

      • Guest

        Hate and racism is sucker-punching a person for doing nothing more than looking at you while being a "creepy ass cracker."

        Hint: loitering around in the rain in a hoodie is suspicious behavior regardless of skin color. This incident was never about race until people who are filled with hate insisted it be.

  • Says it like it is

    I'll second the freedom of speech and I believe after what came out about Trayvon Martin and his past Mr. Nugent's comments were accurate. He was a trouble maker that his mother couldn't handle and because of that he was sent to live with his father. Because he is black, most blacks but not all, want to defend him even though he was a trouble maker. This is a note to all parents if your child is a screw-up admit it, don't defend them when they are wrong no matter what color they are. You're not helping them when you do.

  • bs99

    Where exactly in Mr. Nugent's comments about the Martin / Zimmerman case did he "expouse hate"? All I see is he reiterated what the facts and evidence in the case showed as validated by the jury.

    By the state's own star witness's testimony, Trayvon Martin racially profiled Mr. Zimmerman, referring to him in racist terms, and additionally instead of continuing to the house he was staying at when he was mere feet away, Trayvon Martin chose to circle back to confront and attack Mr. Zimmerman in a premeditated racially motivated hate crime.

    Mr. Finnegan needs to remove his racist blinders and look again at the evidence and testimony in the Martin / Zimmerman case, and then issue an appology for falsely claiming that Mr. Nugent "espouses hate".

    • TruthIsJustice

      Here's a link to an interview in which Nugent admits dodging the draft by pretending to be crazy, so he could make money playing guitar. What a hypocrite!

      More importantly, he can say whatever he wants, but I don't think decent people should give him a stage to say it on, or reward him with notoriety and wealth.

  • guest

    I feel sympathy for Trayvon's parents over losing their child. It is the worst kind of pain a human being can suffer. However, I don't disagree with Ted Nugent's right to speak his mind. And he cited facts and not just his opinion – Trayvon smoked marijuana and got into trouble repeatedly. George Zimmerman was found not guilty under laws that allow a person to defend oneself in the state of FL.

      • TinEar

        I have sympathy for his mother. I think she tried, but a single mother is not going to be able to handle a wayward 17 year old male. That's why he was sent to his father, but his father failed to keep an eye on him. He was laying unidentified in the morgue for 24 hours before his father reported him missing.

    • Dee

      And, George Zimmerman knew that he Trayvon smoked weed and got repeatedly into trouble? Or did he guess that Trayvon was a thug so he could justify getting out of his car instigating a fight? Would Zimmerman felt so brave he didn't have a gun?

      • Peace seeker

        This is why discussions do not work we pull some info from here and some info from there and we use it to form positions on which ever side we tend to fall on.
        Here is truth. Trayvon is dead and his parents are grieving. My heart breaks for them. I can not think of a worse place to be than grieving for one so young.
        George Z was trying to protect his neighborhood. I do not believe he gunned Trayvon down. I do believe there needs to be talk about neghborhood watch programs and change in laws for those that do not follow the advice of the 911 operator.
        Ted Nugent has never been known for tact. Boycott him if you wish. I have boycotted products if I disagree with makers stance. I don't know if it gets their attention but it makes me feel like I am not contributing to people I disagree with.

  • Boo

    Ted Nugent???!! The cowardly gun loving head case who played crazy to avoid serving in Vietnam…who gives a flying **** what he thinks. He's a one hit wonder and a loser.

  • Torm

    The man tested positive for drug use. He viciously attacked and tried to kill what he saw as an apparently unarmed “white man”, he lived a “gangsta” lifestyle and publicly posted that he was a gangsta. Nugent might be a jerk and his comment innappropriate, but his statement was accurate.

  • onlyaride

    I believe in the right to free speech. Ted can say what he wants, and he always has. His first three solo albums contain some of the best guitar rock ever, and I don't remember him getting political back in those days. It seems that when he ran out of musical ideas, he turned to political baiting to remain popular. Whatever. I think the guy is usually an idiot on these matters, but I'll defend his right to talk without retribution. Mr. Finnegan also has the right to say what he wants. If he wants to demonstrate, let him. If we can accept church groups demonstrating at soldiers' funerals, we can accept Mr. Finnegan's desire to demonstrate as well. I wouldn't go to see Ted these days simply because he's over, musically. And, just for the record, he headlined the first big rock concert I ever went to, with Aerosmith. They were better.

  • Mrb1954

    Finegan's just one of those guys who likes to see his name in print and mug on the air. He appears to be a bleeding heart looking for some rabble to rouse. I live close enough to New Haven and just might go see Ted Nugent next month.

  • WTF?

    John Finnegan: If you’re offended by Rare, don' t visit the site. If you don't like Ted Nugent, don't go to his show. But don't presume that your opinion should control what everyone else can read or watch. Would you like your right to free speech denied? How about this: If anyone out there disagrees with your opinion, we can ban you from speaking? If you don't like this country and its privileges, go elsewhere. We won't miss you.

    Brian Phelps: Good for you. I hope you have a sold-out show and make record profits.

  • Evergreen6171

    So-let me get this straight-Obama, Sharpton & Jackson can incite people with their racist remarks-But another citizen of this country isn't permitted that luxury? Last I knew-we all had freedom of speech-even the people who do it for nothing but personal gain. Mr. Finegan, it's your right to speak up-just as it is Mr. Nugent's. And if you don't care to attend the show there at Toad's Place-that's your right also. But it's not right for you to start mouthing off about wanting to have people show up for a protest. Because we all know exactly what type of protest you're looking for Mr. Finegan. And don't be surprised if people show up to protest Ted Nugent-that there won't be counter-protesters. People are certainly getting sick & tired of groups trying to intimidate them. Just please include your name right in there with Obama, Sharpton & Jackson-nice company right? Shame on you.

  • Denverboy

    Mr. Ted
    Is a bigot..Heard him here at Red Rocks two summers ago …One of his opening statements was .." How are all ya white folks doing out there ." This guy need to figure out what Nation he lives in . His own private la la land aint America .. It's Nazi land..and armed one at that.. What a rock looser .. But REO and STYX were GREAT.. real music with real soul .. Mr. Ted's kinda lost his talent .. As the Blinders go up the brains come off …

  • Pam

    No wonder America is still so racist on the white AND black sides. These postings prove it. Everyone of these have hate except Dee and Truth is Justice, and this comes from a 50 year old WHITE female who is working mother of 2 and wife. These postings are just sad.

  • rtg

    Nugent is a jerk, no argument there, and I sure wouldn't pay to see him, but he does have the right to say what he thinks. Even though I'm a bit in agreement with some things he says about the Trayvon Martin case, I usually disagree with everything he says. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where this idiot likes to kill animals for fun, and I guarantee you I would not attend any event where he would even possibly show up, but he still has a right to voice his own thoughts. If you don't like him, don't go to the show.

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