Waterford Caring For Abandoned Dogs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two dogs and their four-week-old puppy were abandoned next to a dumpster in a Waterford condo complex. According to the town officials, the pets were left outdoors in a plastic crate in 90 degree heat.

“People are outraged,” said Robert Yuchniuk, the Waterford-Old Lyme animal control officer. “We’re having a very hard time keeping people civil when they are talking about this.”

A good samaritan found the dogs and turned them into the town’s animal shelter.  Yuchniuk says if the dogs were outdoors for much longer, they could have  suffered serious health complications, “if they don’t have water they can go into heat stroke with the temperatures.”

The animals are now recovering at the Waterford-Lyme Animal Shelter and starting Monday July 22 they will be eligible for adoption.

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1 Comment

  • Sandra

    Is there any way to find who put them next to the dumpster? S/he needs to be caught and charged. We have to prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law. Arrest them, fine them a hefty sum, jail them, and prohibit them from every owning an animal again. At the same time, these dogs are much better off without people like that owning them. At least now they have a chance, but until there are tougher laws on animal neglect, abuse, and abandonment, this will keep happening. Next time you go to vote for your state and local government officials, find out what their views are and if they intend to do something about this. It's hearbreaking, tragic, and unforgiveable. Reacting by crying and whining does nothing. Talk is cheap, we need action. And no one is going to listen to anyone who is rude, angry, condescending, or verbally abusive. We must approach this calmly and rationally, and not waste our energies being angry, we need to act. Guidance on just how to go about doing this would be a service to the public and we can at the very least feel that we ACTED on this. Many times we hear of animals being abused and I think it would help if included in that report, was information on how the public can help stop this.