New Distracted Driving Laws Signed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

As of October 1, if motorists are stopped at a traffic light, a stop sign or in a traffic jam, it will be illegal to use a hand held device; and you will be subject increased fines and points on your license.

Chief Anthony Salvatore, of the Cromwell Police Department, says, “It’s taking the operator away from the primary function of what they’re doing behind that wheel, and that’s operating that motor vehicle.”

Now, doing things like drinking, eating or other things, while driving, that can lead you to be distracted, are also punishable offenses. That will be at an officers discretion.

Chief Salvatore, the legislative co-chairman of the Connecticut Police Chiefs association, has a suggestion for drivers who are tempted to not adhere to the new law.

“Put the phone somewhere where it’s not accessible, or just turn it off until your done operating a motor vehicle,” added Salvatore.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute says sending or receiving a text takes a driver’s eyes away from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds…the equivalent, at 55 miles per hour, of traveling the length of a football field blind.

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  • eyerishangel

    Hope this law includes law enforcement since I ALWAYS see them on their cell phones. This also should have included people eating, smoking, doing their hair, putting on make up, etc. Distracted driving is distracted driving whether it is a cell phone or cheeseburger.

    • linda7i3i

      I agree! I have seen many people on their cell phones while driving many times. I was driving down the road for about 6 miles or so and the same driver was talking on her phone like it was nothing. I was next to this driver for that amount of miles and she was still on her phone talking away and did not care at all. It is pitiful that people break the laws everyday. What about lighting a cigarette while driving? That is dangerous too. How about speeding and not even aware of the speed limit on the road. What about stop signs, and traffic lights. What about the law right turn on red…more like go through the light and do not stop at all. People need to be more aware how they drive, if they pay attention, their speed, keep both their hands on the wheel. It is pretty sad how people drive. I am an experienced driver with many years of a good driving record. If someone hits me they are going to be paying that is for sure.

    • TMK

      No- Police are exempt from the Cellphone law. It was written right in it. We can use our cellphone if its for an emergency purposes. Try having an emergency while some ahole nazi cop is pulling you over when your on phone with a dying friend or what?!