Real Story: Outlook For State Democrats

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jonathan Harris, executive director of the state Democratic Party, talks about polling and perception and how the Democrats could fare in upcoming elections.

Here’s a statement the Democrats released about the 2014 governor’s race, which has several Republican candidates who have announced their interest.

“Despite long records of consistently voting against middle class families, or getting rich off firing middle class workers, the trio of Republican candidates for Governor continues to fall all over themselves to tout their ‘blue collar’  credentials.

“Mark Boughton says he’s ‘blue collar’, but when given the opportunity to support education at a local level, he voted to cut grants that are distributed to municipalities across the state.

“Tom Foley says he ‘appeals to everyone no matter what color their collar is’, but he has a history of collecting hefty management fees from failing companies who lay off large portions of their workforce.

“Finally, Sen. John McKinney says he’s a ‘strong supporter’ of Connecticut’s middle class and ‘in touch with the needs of all the people of Connecticut’. But that didn’t stop him from voting against funding the Small Business Express program that has helped create or retain 10,000 Connecticut jobs held by middle class workers?

“Connecticut voters don’t like being pandered to. If you say you’re ‘blue collar’ and ‘in touch with the middle class’ you need to back that up with a record. That’s not something Mark Boughton, Tom Foley or John McKinney can do.”

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