Town Council Candidate’s Sexual Comments Questioned

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An East Haven town council candidate is being questioned by a political rival after sexual comments he made in 2012 were publicized.

Robert Hoff admits that he responded to women in the comments section of a local news website, accusing them of working for a town pornography store and using sex toys.

When asked about the comments Tuesday night, Hoff characterized his statements as “crude” and “in poor taste”.

However, he won’t drop out of the race for a town council seat, with the September 10th Primary Election looming.

“Without a doubt he should step out of the race. Without a doubt. There’s no place for that in East Haven politics”, said East Haven Independent Party Chairman, Dan McCann.

McCann is the man who publicized the comments Hoff made on the website in October of 2012.

“The comments that he made about women in general were just vile… disgusting”, said McCann.

When contacted by FOX CT Tuesday night by phone, Hoff agreed to an in-person interview with reporter, Beau Berman.

Berman:  “So you were accusing this woman of working at an adult book store?”
Hoff:  Right.
Berman: “OK so do you think other women are going to want to vote for you if you’re accusing women online of working at adult bookstores?”
Hoff:  “Uh that I can’t honestly say.”

Hoff did say that he has “several disabilities”, providing a list to FOX CT, including:  Type 2 Diabetes, Lower Back Disc Degenerative Disease, PTSD (from being abused as a child), anxiety and epilepsy.

Hoff: “They accused me of not really being disabled. And this was going on, they also attacked a friend…”
Berman:  “You could have gone to the police and filed a harassment report…”
Hoff:  “I actually tried to go to the police. When I went to the police, by the time I got home, Dan McCann had posted something else on Patch…“
Berman: “Did you go police before or after you wrote the comments about the sex toys?”
Hoff: “Uhh… that… I’m not 100% sure on… because due to having seizures recently my memory is not the best it should be.“

Hoff says he will not withdraw from the town council election despite protests from Mr. McCann.

He said he sincerely apologizes to all women voters and anyone else his comments may have offended.

Hoff contends that with his prior community work, including clothing and food drives, in consideration, that he’s done more good than bad in the community.

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