Hundreds Of Military Veterans Bike Through Hartford For A Cause

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Hundreds of cyclists made a brief stop in Hartford on Monday, a short break in a weeklong, 425-mile trip.

They’re trying to make it to Philadelphia by Saturday, but their ultimate goal is to improve the lives of wounded veterans.

It’s called Ride 2 Recovery, and it raises money to help wounded vets take part in other similar cycling adventures, which help build self-confidence and hope.

We caught up with the group in Bushnell Park.

Hundreds of veterans, some of them carrying the scars of battle, are cycling 425 miles as a group, from Boston to Philadelphia, in support of wounded veterans. It’s a demanding trip, and mounting the challenge builds both stamina and confidence.

“It helps me with my PTSD, which I’ve been going through for about 50 years since Vietnam,” said  Bill Czyzewski.

Ride 2 Recovery is a program that raises money to allow wounded veterans to participate in rides just like this one around the country.

Joseph Holstedt has been with Ride 2 Recovery since 2012 and says he can see the first timers change as they ride.

“They’re sitting there, ‘I don’t know if I can do this. It’s a long distance.’ And then as they talk to the people beside them and while they’re riding down the road, and throughout the week, you’ll watch ’em change and grow and expand themselves,” Holstedt said. “Some of them are wounded mentally. Some of them are wounded physically, but regardless of the fact, we need to support ’em and give ’em everything we can.”

Bristol native Jed Carter joined the ride because his wife is a wounded veteran. He has a personal stake in the cause. But then, all the riders do, and that brings them together.

The riders stopped in Bushnell Park for a short ceremony Monday with Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman and leaders from corporate sponsor UnitedHealth Group.

A chance to rest up for the next leg, but then it was time to hit the road,  to strengthen muscles and resolve, and bring fresh air and fresh perspective into the lives of America’s wounded warriors.

For more information, click here to visit the Ride 2 Recovery website.

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