Rev. Henry Price In Trouble Again

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A convicted felon who was once a popular minister and Hartford activist is behind bars again.

Police say the former Reverend Henry Price is back to his old tricks pimping homeless drug addicts as prostitutes.

The clerk at the Roberts Street Ramada Inn in East Hartford  called police about a stream of men coming and going from Room 212 Tuesday, telling cops of two women coming to the lobby every now and then to give money to a man later identified as Henry Price.

Police talked to the women and  say they found one had empty heroin bags and needles, with “obvious signs of i-v drug use: scabs over much of her arms.” Officers say both women admitted Price was their pimp, that he advertised them on local websites and set up rendezvous in hotel rooms.

The on-line ads really the only main difference from the claims that sent Price to prison in 2002 for eight years, prosecutors then saying he abused, had sex and gave cash to prostitutes to buy drugs.

Allegations he at first denied saying his work as a vocal critic of Hartford Police made him a target, “I’m definitely not guilty of any of the charges.”

Price spent time in prison back in the 1980’s for murdering a drug dealer who gave him low-grade cocaine.  He was pardoned in the 1990’s, became a minister and community activist working with ex-offenders until returning to prison in 2002.

Bail for these latest charges of promoting prostitution is set at $500,000.

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1 Comment

  • Chris ruby

    This man is the man of god want to know how he spent his prison sentence? By bringing young brothers to god and advocating for better programs for us inmates to come home rehabilitated because we weren’t getting access to our required programs let alone any additional programs we wanted to take to better ourselves this man got up first thing every morning said his daily prayers and devoted his entire morning to his Bible study and after that sat in the dayroom the most hostile area and made himself available to any one convicts and guards alike who had questions and he would not respond with one sentence responses he would take them the entire Bible to show the gods words not his the light of god in this man made radgowski a safer and peaceful place he never turned anyone away including sex offenders which I had a problem with his response was if we don’t show them who will? Christ doesn’t turn away from not one soul are we not ambassadors of Christ ? Then he would spend the rest of his day taking me through Bible in between his multiple prayers which include praying for the very guards oppressing us the warden the community the world etc this man who is getting up there in age would spend thirty mins at a clip on his knees in front of the entire prison population I asked why pray for so long his response your girl wants attention and you give it to her right because you love her right? do you love Christ ? This man built an entire community of Christians and won’t take one ounce of credit for it because it was Christ working through him. This man is in fact an activist for the people and a man of god how do I know this I was his celly

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