Charity Spotlight: Hockanum Valley Community Council

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
HockanumValleyBen Goldman talks with David O’Rourke and Lee Hay of the Hockanum Valley Community Council.
Below is some information from the group’s website. To learn more, visit

Hockanum Valley Community Council, Inc. (HVCC) is a private nonprofit human services agency located in Vernon, Connecticut. It is dedicated to meeting the needs of the residents of Vernon and the Tolland County area.

HVCC provides services to individuals and families in a manner which will promote independence while assuring that basic needs are met regardless of ability to pay.

To accomplish this mission, HVCC will:

  • assess on a continuing basis the human service needs of the community.
  • assist and support the development, implementation, coordination and operation of necessary new human service programs, and the expansion, or modification, of existing programs, whether such programs will be ultimately administered by HVCC or another social service provider within the community.
  • coordinate services with other agencies of services in the area to avoid duplication and to improve the quality of services.
  • promote desirable changes in social policies consistent with the needs of our client population.
  • develop the financial resources, both public and private, necessary to operate the programs provided by HVCC.
  • interface with local, state and federal agencies and departments serving the community. Encourage community support and commitment to the goals of HVCC.

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