Ms. Wheelchair America 2014 Visits Connecticut’s Metro Taxi

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Since being crowned Miss Wheelchair America in July, Jennifer Adams motivational speaking business has, not surprisingly, picked up. Her message to those with limitations is simple: make certain you demonstrate to everyone that having a disability is actually cool.

“There’s a lot of life circumstances that are humbling, but if you can handle it with grace, and continue to push past your limitations, its inspiring to others and that’s what makes a disability cool,” Adams said.

Adams, a Spokane, Washington native, wants to empower not only the disabled, but anybody who feels defeated. She herself was bullied as a youth.

“The way I got through it is because I had a dream,” Adams said.

One reason she is thrilled to represent the 54 million Americans with disabilities is there is power in a crown and a sash.

“A lot of women, who are in wheelchairs, maybe struggle with feeling beautiful. And, I know I’ve had my own struggles with that,” added Adams

Her dream was to have a stage, and now her dream has come true. Now, she is touring the nation and spreading joy. One of her two Connecticut stops today was West Haven based Metro Taxi. Nearly half of their fleet of 161 cabs are handicap accessible. Adams believes that is empowering as well.

“I can attest that it would make my life so much easier touring the United States if I knew in every city there’s a wheel chair access taxi service,” Adams said.


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