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Four Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

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booksDeborah Pegues, author of Taming Your Tongue, talks about her book and the four things you should never say to your boss. Check out her tips:

  • “That’s not in my job description.” Unless the boss makes a request that is illegal or immoral, what better way to show you‟re a team player who is willing to occasionally go beyond what‟s required when necessary?

INSTEAD, SAY: Nothing! Simply keep a private record of dates/descriptions of extra tasks performed; whip it out at review time.

  • “I NEED a raise.” Never ask for a raise based on what you require for your new baby, a bigger mortgage, or other economic demands. Request a raise based on your personal Results and Research into what others earn who have similar responsibilities.

INSTEAD, SAY… “Based on the following achievements, I believe I’ve earned at least a __% increase.”

  • “We’ve always done it this way.” So what? This shows lack of creativity and resistance to change and progress.

INSTEAD, SAY… “Looks like it’s time to put the old process to bed. I’ll work on developing a better way.”

  • “(Sigh)” This says, “I resent or resist this request or situation.” Sighing is a disrespectful, passive, immature, irritating, and ambiguous way to communicate your druthers to one in authority.

INSTEAD, SAY: “I’d like to share my ideas on how to address (or resolve) this situation.”

Deborah Pegues is an international speaker and bestselling author of 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue (over 750,000 sold), Confronting Without Offending, and 13 other transformational books with more than 1.5 million copies sold in six languages. She is the founder of the “Say This, Not That” campaign of for effective communication. She has been the featured guest on numerous television and talk radio shows. Her relational and financial advice has appeared in national magazines including Newsweek, Charisma, Essence, Black Enterprise, and others. For more information on Pegues, visit:

In addition, the author will have a book signing event Friday, Oct. 4 at Cull Bookstore in Hartford, starting at noon. For more information, visit:

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