Some “Assault Weapons” Still Legal In Connecticut

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Malloy Administration has confirmed that so-called “assault weapons” manufactured prior to 1994 are legal to purchase, sell, and transfer in Connecticut.

“If you can prove that they were manufactured before 1994 than they are not affected by this law. And that’s been the law since 2001 in Connecticut,” Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Policy Mike Lawlor said.

The exemption was made clear in a letter from the Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to an attorney.

“It is the intent of the legislature to exclude assault weapons manufactured before September 13, 1994,” the letter said.

Gun enthusiasts claim they stumbled upon this possible loophole in Connecticut’s new firearms legislation.

“It’s my understanding that the Connecticut State Legislature may have overlooked pre-existing pre-ban types of rifles that were grandfathered in prior to the 1994 assault weapon ban,” Defense League President Scott Wilson said.

In 1994, President Bill Clinton implemented a ban on assault weapons. The ban expired in 2004, and guns built before the ban once again became legal to sell. Now, some gun organizations and their attorneys believe Connecticut failed to address those types of guns in their new legislation.

“There’s a possibility that it is possible to obtain one legally in the State of Connecticut,” Wilson said.

Analysis by the Connecticut Office of Legislative Research also supports this supposed “loophole” saying, “Certain assault weapons defined by criteria, rather than specific name, are exempt from the state transfer restrictions and registration requirements if they were legally manufactured before September 13, 1994.”

That is, as long as the guns only use 10 round magazines.

A source told Fox Connecticut that this new information could have a dramatic impact on gun dealers in Connecticut. One gun dealer has already purchased 37 of the pre-ban firearms.

“If they’re deemed legal and lawful and the firearms dealers want to sell them, then there’s certainly going to be a market for it,” Wilson said.

Mike Lawlor would not confirm whether the legislature was aware of the pre-1994 exemption.

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  • CT Patriot

    Its only a loophole to those who are anti rights. In reality there is NO such thing as a loophole in the law. The law is the law. A loophole presumes that something that someone feels should have been deemed illegal wasn't. Guess what the law has been on the books since 2001 allowing the sale of these particular firearms. The legislature chose to keep this law on the books when they passed SB 1094 (PA 13-220). This is just more fake outrage by those who want to impose their emotional fears upon the rest of the law abiding citizens in CT. And as we see all the time, they have willing partners in local media who push this hoplophobic political anti rights agenda.

    • Another Patriot

      And just like with the .22 rifles, they will add something to this law without any public input or debates.. They are the dictators..

  • Steve Loban

    Why is State Police being contacted to "look into this?" Since when is it their job to interpret law? Isn't that the domain of the courts?

  • Bob

    Meanwhile, the thugs are still using New Haven and Hartford as their personal shooting galleries. I sure hope they register their weapons. You know, because it's the law.

  • Bill

    Your news is old and useless, bu what I want to know is what is the difference between the ar15 built before 1994 and mine built in 2010….NOTHING that is what is different. So you ban by year now. This state is such a joke….all these legislatures need to get ousted from office.

  • AR-PRO

    Just another attempt by the liberal media to stir up controversy and make a mountain out of a mole hill. This law was written to target the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, it will not stop one single criminal from committing a crime or a nut from hurting innocent people. This is just another attempt by a dictator to control his sheeple. This is just another reason for the media to try to bring up the tragedy at sandy hook, try to boost their ratings… They bring up something as dumb as this and ask no questions about why the government is going to such extent to cover up any and all evidence left at the school were this tragedy took place, seriously, grinding all the material into pea sized pieces? Melting all metals on the grounds? This has never been done before – anywhere! And using the excuse that someone might sell things from there on E-Bay? There have been other shootings, no items have been ever been on E Bay.. That is your story..

  • CT Patriot

    To show how silly this article and the law is. Compare a Ruger Mini-14 rifle to a Stag Arms AR-15 rifle (both CT companies by the way). Both can accept standard capacity magazines (ranging from 5 rounds to 30 rounds). Both are semiautomatic rifles. Both fire the exact same ammunition. Yet the AR-15 is banned. Why? Because of COSMETIC features. Imagine if our legislators banned black cars, or cars with gas tanks holding more than 10 gallons of gas. Progressives and the media would be up in arms. The AR-15 and other semiautomatic rifles have long been rarely used in crime per FBI statistics. To put this in perspective, hand and feet kill more people per year than rifles do year after year. These firearms have previously been lawfully purchased, owned and used by hundreds of thousands of our fellow law abiding citizens peacefully and lawfully for years. Yet ONE crazed individual uses one to murder innocent people and the legislators/anti rights groups PUNISH all law abiding citizens for the actions of one lone crazed person. If we applied this same emotional illogical logic to drunk drivers the very same people who demand guns be band would also demand cars be banned based on the actions of one drunk driver who murdered people with their car. It is not the fault of the gun that mass shooting happen any more than its the fault of the car for the driver being drunk or the fork being responsible for a obese person being obese. Something has changed in our society over the last 30 to 40 years. Guns were as plentiful 50 or 60 years ago as they are today, were much easier to obtain 50 to 60 years ago than they are today, guns had the same capabilities as guns do today, guns even had more cosmetic features that CT legal guns have today, yet we didn't have the mass shootings that we see once or twice a year these days.

  • Nick

    Two weeks ago I mailed my registration forms for my assault rifle , and magazines. I opened the mail today with a letter from a complete stranger explaining that my forms were sent to him. They were addressed to his name , and address , but with my paperwork inside. All my info including my social , d.o.b , licence number , permit number , etc. etc. we’re inside. The dept. of public safety returned my forms , because I failed to include a receipt . At least the gentleman who returned my paperwork was a very honest gun owner himself. I couldn’t even imagine what could have been , if that feel in the wrong hands. That seems to me to be a very serious violation of privacy.


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  • Dan Malloy is a c*nt

    They changed the language of the law two days before the ban was signed to allow this specifically. It’s not a loophole. It was done intentionally.ost likely so dans rich biddies could buy and sell their machine guns and NFA weapons at will. It is legal and lawful to buy preban weapons in the state of Connecticut.