Access Health CT Problems

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

On September 26, 62-year-old John Javaruski got a letter saying his health insurance plan would expire on December 31, 2013.

The retired actuary from Farmington said he wasn’t surprised. He headed to Connecticut’s online health insurance marketplace, Access Health CT.

“My first experience was not very, uh, rewarding,” Javaruski said.

The site did not recognize Javaruski as a Connecticut resident. So, he turned to the exchange’s call center where a representative gave him some surprising news.

“She came up with a subsidy for me of $674 dollars a month and my first reaction was wow, that’s quite a subsidy.”

Awe turned to disappointment when Javaruski calculated that his subsidy would be only $256, at maximum. The representative, he claimed, miscalculated what he was elligible for by using his 2013 income figure, after taxes, instead of his total estimated 2014 income. But, Javaruski moved forward and chose a health insurance plan.

“It had very low maximum out of pocket expenses which I was amazed at low it was it was like only 2,000 bucks.”

Javaruski received another surprise a week later when a letter from Access Health CT apologized for “inaccuracies” on the web site. The plan Javaruski chose turned out to be more than $6,000 out of pocket, maximum.

Javaruski has since chosen a new plan. But, he is not convinced that the issues he faced are isolated to just him.

Access Health CT informed us that they were looking into Javaruski’s case.

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1 Comment

  • Pat

    Miss Moeller your reporter who interviewed John Javaruski from Farmington only reported part of the story. Since I know Mr Javaruski I waited to see if the report would reveal that he has a pre existing condition and may not have been able to qualify for any plan prior to the Obama Health Care Law changing this and ensuring he could get coverage. I know there are problems with the implementation and some refinement of portions of the law need to be looked at but the benefits far outweigh the problems with the implementation. When the Part D Medicare Drug Coverage was implemented I also had problems with the sign up and to this day the plans are constantly changing and my premiums increasing but I and many other did not display the unreasonable attitude and the media did not hype up and inflame the situation. Thanks to Obama Care for the first time this year I did not fall into the "donut hole". I will make it through the year with just the plan co-pay for my medications. I can't be the only one that finds this a real benefit for seniors. Please try to report the whole story – fair and balanced. Pat Karwoskio