Small Business Saturday Gives Local Retailers Hope

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The day after Thanksgiving is, of course, Black Friday; but urban and small town retailers are hoping you hang on to your shopping list until Saturday instead.

It’s being billed as Small Business Saturday, which organizers say is being embraced by communities state-wide as an economic engine that often reacquaints residents with resilient retailers, who relish resistance to the idea that mom and pop shops can compete with the big box boys.

“A lot of small businesses aren’t necessarily more expensive. We’re not convenience stores. We’re small businesses. So, even though we’re convenient, the prices are very, very competitive,” noted Richard Simons, Owner of Simon Sez Pets in Newington.

65 businesses in downtown Newington are taking part in the town’s 4th annual Small Business Saturday. Many of the businesses will feature special promotions and discounts.

Why is it crucial to support these local retailers? They are the foundation of our communities.

“These are your neighbors. These are your friends. These are the people that you come into, you ask for a door prize, a donation, says Leon Davidoff, owner of The Paper Station in Newington.

Valeri French, who runs French’s Worldwide Travel in Newington, added, “Everybody in my office works and lives in Newington. So, not only are we providing services for our residents here, but jobs as well.”

Community based businesses say there is one thing national chains cannot compete with them on: customer service.

“We get to know families. We see kids grow up. In our business, we see the pets grow and how they’re nurtured by the owners,” emphasized Simon.

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