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Fairfield Home Of UNH Lockdown Suspect Searched

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Another instance of chaos on campus in Connecticut Tuesday, this time in West Haven, where a University of New Haven students with three guns was arrested.

The man was identified Tuesday afternoon as 22-year-old University of New Haven student, William Dong.

Fairfield Police began searching the suspect’s home after West Haven Police matched his car registration to the house on Stratfield Avenue.

It was just after 1pm when West Haven police sped to the University of New Haven campus after someone reported seeing a man with a rifle in the Shop Rite parking lot and dialed 911 alerting police.

“A lot of cops responding very quickly,” said witness Jessica Donahue, describing the scene.

The University of New Haven and nearby school Notre Dame, were both put on alert, while police tracked the suspect, who was later identified as a commuter student.

“A very courteous officer came in the room and told us to shelter in place and to wait for further notification”, said Professor Joseph Wilson, interviewed at the scene.

With SWAT team and K9 units on hand, police used a description to find Dong and arrested him on campus without a struggle.

They found two pistols in his waistband and later located a rifle and ammunition inside his Blue Toyota SUV parked nearby.

“No shots were fired. No injuries to officers, students, staff,” said West Haven Police Sgt. David Tammaro.

While West Haven Police worked on clearing the campus, Fairfield Police were searching Dong’s Fairfield home.

“We did an initial run through the house. The mom is home. So we did have her consent to go through the house initially,” explained Chief Gary McNamara of the Fairfield Police Department.

They did find pellet guns during the first sweep, but West Haven Police arrived later with a search warrant.

“We really are here to find out whether he has any more handguns or weapons and really to answer the why and what his intent was,” McNamara said.

That was something many wanted to know Tuesday night, be it on campus in West Haven or in Dong’s Fairfield neighborhood.

“Let’s make sure we find out what is this guy all about that is carrying guns on campus and stuff,” said neighbor Russell Stewart.

Another neighbor, Thomas Wething, says he graduated with Dong from Fairfield High School in 2009, sharing homeroom and says he’s not sure why his former classmate would bring guns on a college campus.

“He was a good guy in high school. I wouldn’t want to put anything against him, but he just always quiet and kept to himself.”

Fairfield police left Dong’s house at approximately 10:30pm Tuesday with a bag of evidence.

They have yet to release their findings and West Haven Police have yet to announce any charges.

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